Bank of Lithuania
February 11 10:00 - 12:00

The conference will focus on investment needs and priorities for Lithuania, bringing together a group of economists, policymakers, as well as representatives from financial institutions and the business community. Registration is not required.


Master of ceremony: Marco Francini, Head of Regional EIB Groups Office for the Baltic States, European Investment Bank


Opening remarks

Vitas Vasiliauskas, Chairman of the Board, Bank of Lithuania (speech EN, LT)
Thomas Östros, Vice President, European Investment Bank

10:20 – 10:45

The EIB Investment Survey (EIBIS) - key findings and implications for Lithuania

Pedro de Lima, Head of Economic Studies Division, European Investment Bank
Kevin Körner, Economist, European Investment Bank

10:45 – 11:10

A picture of investment in Lithuania (580.8 KB download icon)

Darius Imbrasas, Chief Economist, Macroeconomics and Forecasting Division, Bank of Lithuania

11:10 – 11:50

Panel discussion: Investment in times of COVID-19, digitalisation and climate change

Chair: Kotryna Tamoševičienė, Director of Economics Department, Bank of Lithuania

Vaida Česnulevičiūtė, Vice-Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
Eivilė Čipkutė, President, Association of Lithuanian Banks
Vidmantas Janulevičius, President, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrials
Álvaro Santos Pereira, Director of the Country Studies Branch at the Economics Department of the OECD
Borja Gracia, Mission Chief for Lithuania, IMF

11:50 – 12:00

Closing remarks

Sandrine Croset, Director of Baltic Sea and Northern Europe Department, Operations, European Investment Bank

All time indications are in EET (GMT+2)


Last update: 11-02-2021