Bank of Lithuania
Economic activity (annual changes at constant prices unless otherwise stated)
Gross domestic product Q3 2022 2.0% download
Retail trade, excl. motor vehicles and motorcycles October 2022 -3.5% download
Industrial production October 2022 1.1% download
Manufacturing, excl. refined petroleum products October 2022 2.0% download
Nominal exports October 2022 30.6% download
Nominal imports October 2022 42.6% download
Price and cost developments (annual change)
Harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP) November 2022 21.4% download
Wages Q3 2022 12,6% download
Export price index September 2022 12.6% download
Import price index September 2022 31.4% download
Labour market
Unemployment rate (as a share of labour force) Q3 2022 5.7% download
Employment (annual change) Q3 2022 4.7% download
Public finance (compared to four-quarter moving sum of GDP)
General government balance, four-quarter moving sum Q2 2022 1.0% download
General government debt Q2 2022 39.6% download

Sources: Statistics Lithuania and Bank of Lithuania calculations.

Last update: 11-12-2022