Bank of Lithuania

Claudio Cesaroni


Claudio is an economist at SACE, the Italian Export Credit Agency. He is currently in charge of the analysis of country risk in the MENA region. Claudio holds a PhD from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, where he developed DSGE models with a focus on the informal economy. He specifically investigated the influence of certain fiscal reforms on the behaviour of agents carrying out activities in the informal sector and studied the link between credit availability in the financial sector and firms’ decision to conceal part of their assets (and, therefore, revenues). During his stay at the Bank of Lithuania, Claudio studied the optimal long-run rate of inflation in a DSGE model of the Lithuanian economy when the informal economy is taken into account.

Period of visit: July–December 2016

Working paper: Optimal long-run inflation and the informal economy

Last update: 15-01-2020