Bank of Lithuania
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The largest FinTech conference in the Baltic countries will take place in Vilnius on November 8. Bringing together local and international financial experts, business representatives and financial market policymakers, the conference will serve as a platform to initiate a global dialogue on payments, blockchain and investment.



  Representatives of the Bank of Lithuania in the conference

9.00-9.20 Welcome speech Vitas Vasiliauskas,
Chairman of the Board

Alfa hall

9.20-9.30 Keynote: Global Fintech landscape Marius Jurgilas,
Member of the Board
Alfa hall
9.30-10.15 Panel discussion: Is Europe losing global FinTech battle? Moderuoja Marius Jurgilas,
Member of the Board
Alfa hall
11.30-12.00 Panel discussion: Regulatory response to the developments in cryptoeconomy Jekaterina Govina,
Adviser to the Board Member
Beta hall


Panel discussion: When Governments Invest in Growth – Sandbox 

Rūta Merkevičiūtė,
„Newcomer“ project manager

Lambda hall

Broadcast  from Alfa hall

Broadcast from Beta hall