Bank of Lithuania
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As a follow up to meetings with heads of euro area central banks, the Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, Vitas Vasiliauskas discussed with the Chairman of the central bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco Lithuania’s economic situation and joint European initiatives in the fields of banking regulation and supervision on Friday in Rome.

“The head of the central bank of Italy was presented the state of the Lithuanian economy and the outlook for the near future. The aspects of implementation of joint supervision of banks in Europe were also constructively discussed,” says V. Vasiliauskas.

The Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania this half-year is meeting with heads and economists of euro area central banks, presenting to them Lithuania's economic development and discussing the prospects of euro adoption in Lithuania. V. Vasiliauskas has already met with the heads of the central banks of Germany, France and Austria.

After a few months the European Central Bank and the European Commission will present an assessment on whether Lithuania has met the euro area membership criteria. It is expected that the final decision on the euro adoption in Lithuania in 2015 will be made mid-year.