Bank of Lithuania
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The meeting of the Heads of the Bank of Lithuania and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, to be held on 7 December in Grodno, will focus on the possibilities to continue technical cooperation between the central banks of these neighbouring countries in the exchange of financial market supervision experience, and also on financial and banking relations with neighbouring countries.

The Bank of Lithuania delegation will visit Grodno after being invited by Mr Pavel V. Kallaur, Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, during the visit of the Head of this neighbouring country’s central bank in Vilnius in the summer this year. The then started dialogue will be continued.

In October 2015 in Minsk, the delegation of the Bank of Lithuania’s Supervision Service presented to the specialists of the National Bank of Belarus the good practice of the merger of three supervisory institutions, which took place three years ago, as well as other aspects of financial market supervision.

During the meeting in Grodno, the Lithuanian Mint’s coinage services to the central bank of Belarus will be discussed.

Cooperation in this field has been taking place since 2001. The Lithuanian Mint, by order of the Belarusian colleagues, mints on average about 10 different denominations of collector coins from silver, gold, and copper-nickel alloy every year. In 2015, an order was placed to mint Belarus collector coins in 8 denominations. The Lithuanian Mint, jointly with the Kremnica Mint (Slovakia), has minted Belarus circulation coins, to be issued into circulation upon denomination of the Belarus rouble on 1 July 2016.