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Considering the fact that applicants for authorisation or a licence, due to precautionary measures implemented in relation to COVID-19 both on a national and global level, might face some difficulties while trying to obtain the required documents from the Lithuanian or foreign institutions, the Bank of Lithuania has decided to provide the following information.

In cases where the necessary documents referred to in legal acts cannot be provided for objective reasons beyond the applicant’s control, the submitted application must include the supporting evidence for their absence (e.g. references to official statements on suspended activities of the relevant institutions). 

Each failure to submit certain documents will be assessed individually and the Bank of Lithuania will take its decision on the possibility of initiating an assessment procedure without some of the required information. However, if it decides to initiate the assessment, the missing documents will have to be submitted before the date of the decision on the granting of authorisation or a licence. 

According to applicable legislation, the Bank of Lithuania may be provided with copies of documents drawn up and/or issued in foreign countries, if they are legalised or certified with an Apostille, while the original documents that are legalised or certified with an Apostille may be submitted to the Bank of Lithuania later, but before the date of the decision on the granting of authorisation or a licence.

Applications for authorisation or a licence may be submitted through the E-Government Gateway. More information can be found here.