Bank of Lithuania
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In order to provide consumers with more detailed and accurate information, the Bank of Lithuania will publish additional data on the ATM network operating in Lithuania.

Until now, only the number of ATMs provided by Lithuanian payment service providers has been published. ATMs are also provided by one foreign payment service provider and one independent ATM deployer. Their data have so far not been included in the published payment statistics.

On the initiative of the Bank of Lithuania, the above-mentioned data will now be included in the payments statistics and published on a regular basis. Today, together with the payments statistics for the second quarter of 2023, several new indicators are published, including their historical data on the number of all ATMs installed in Lithuania at the end of the quarter.

Currently, there are 1,137 ATMs in Lithuania, of which 369 have a cash deposit function. More detailed data on ATMs are published on the Bank of Lithuania’s website under Payments Statistics, in the table ATMs in Lithuania.