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Lithuania’s financial accounts for Q2 2019

Financial accounts data for Q2 2019 published today show that the debt of non-financial corporations amounted to €20.3 billion, increasing by an annual 6.5% or €1.2 billion. Equity (shares and other equity issued) of non-financial corporations amounted to €43.3 billion at the end of Q2 2019 (annual growth rate reached 0.9%). The debt-to-equity ratio was 0.47.

Non-financial corporations borrowed primarily in the domestic market (€16 billion). External debt at the end of Q2 2019 amounted to €4.3 billion and comprised 21.2% of total non-financial corporation debt.

For more information on financial accounts in the second quarter of 2019 see the Bank of Lithuania statistical release (81.6 KB download icon). Detailed data on the financial assets and liabilities of Lithuania’s institutional sectors are available on the Bank of Lithuania website (Financial accounts statistics).