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Today the Bank of Lithuania has issued into circulation a €5 gold coin dedicated to Technological Sciences (from the series “Lithuanian Science”). The new coin features the first two Lithuanian satellites and the first Lithuanian words sent from space.

“The first Lithuanian satellites launched into space opened a new chapter of space exploration in the history of Lithuanian science. To commemorate this achievement, we have issued a gold coin, which will be the fourth addition to the series “Lithuanian Science”. The series already features coins dedicated to Heart Surgery, Physics and Baltic Studies,” said Marius Jurgilas, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

The reverse of the coin dedicated to Technological Sciences depicts two stylised satellites (Lituanica SAT-1 and LitSAT 1), their flight trajectory, and fragments of messages sent from space – Linkėjimai visiems lietuviams (Greetings to all Lithuanians) and Lietuva myli laisvę (Lithuania loves freedom), while its obverse features a stylised Vytis, the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania. The coin was designed by Lukas Šiupšinskas and Eglė Ratkutė.

The collector coin was minted at the Lithuanian Mint and will be issued in a mintage of 4,000 pieces. Written by Dr. Andrius Vilkauskas, the brochure published together with the coin describes the evolution of Lithuanian space technology.

The early sale started on 29 October ( From 6 November the coin will be also available for purchase at the Bank of Lithuania cash offices and through official distributors of numismatic items.