Bank of Lithuania

1. The Board gave permission to UAB Medicinos Bankas to register amendments in its Statutes. 

The amendments were aimed at aligning them with the provisions of the new Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Company Law of the Republic of Lithuania.

2. The Board approved changes in the Regulations on the Interbank Funds Transfer System of the Bank of Lithuania. 

The changes define the point of accepting the payment instruction in the system and the point following which the payment instruction cannot be revoked by a system participant or a third party. 

The changes were aimed at aligning the Regulations with the provisions of the new Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Settlement Finality in Payment and Securities Settlement Systems and the requirements of EU legislation.

3. The Board decided to announce the 50 litas denomination commemorative coin dedicated to Vilnius Cathedral (from the series “Historical and Architectural Monuments of Lithuania”) legal tender and to issue the coin as from 30 July 2003. 

The graphic design of the coin was made by Vladas Poliksa, and the gypsum model by Rytis Jonas Belevičius. The mintage of the coin is 1,500 pieces. The price of the coin is LTL 90. 

This is the second coin in the series “Historical and Architectural Monuments of Lithuania”. The first coin that attracted much attention from coin collectors was dedicated to Trakai Island Castle, and was designed by the same authors. The coin was issued at the end of September 2002; by now, the entire mintage has been distributed.