Bank of Lithuania

1. The Board approved the General Provisions on the Balance Sheet Statistical Reporting Requirements and Classification Principles by Monetary Financial Institutions and the Form PFI-0 for the Comprehensive Balance Sheet Statistical Statement of Credit Institutions.

The General Provisions define the requirements to balance sheet statistical reporting by monetary financial institutions and quality requirements, submission arrangements and the use of statistical data. They will be applicable to all Lithuanian monetary financial institutions. The statistical statement form PFI-0 is intended for credit institutions subject to reserve requirement regulations.

The above decisions are related to the restructuring of the Lithuanian monetary statistics system with the aim of making the necessary preparations for Bank of Lithuania’s participation in the activities of the European System of Central Banks and the application of new international standards in monetary and banking statistics. These measures will create opportunities for the users to receive more comprehensive statistical information and make better comparisons with the analogous information from other countries.

The General Provision and statement form PFI-0 were drafted in line with the legal acts of the European Union and the European Central Bank as well as other international statistical standards.

2. The Board decided to give permission to register changes in the regulations of branches of Hansabankas and Nord/LB Lietuva, and the statutes of Ūkio Bank.

The changes in the regulations of branches of Hansabankas and Nord/LB Lietuva are related to the changes of the names of both banks. Changes in the statutes of Ūkio Bank were aimed at aligning them with the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Company Law of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. The Board discussed the results of the inspection of Kredyt Bank S.A. Vilnius Branch carried out from March 26 to April 9, 2003. Kredyt Bank S.A. Vilnius Branch was requested to take into account the observations made during the inspection.