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Balance Sheet of Monetary Financial Institutions, August 2018

Today, the Bank of Lithuania published the MFI balance sheet for August 2018, which shows that loans to Lithuanian residents granted by credit institutions grew by €197.2 million, month on month, and by €1.4 billion over the first eight months of the year. Loans to Lithuania’s non-financial corporations, households and the financial sector grew by €120.5 million, €62.5 million and €17.0 million over the month respectively, while loans to general government contracted by €2.7 million. Loans for house purchase and consumption granted by credit institutions to Lithuanian households increased by €55.6 million and €7.2 million, while loans for other purposes decreased by €0.3 million. Deposits of Lithuanian residents with credit institutions rose by €156.7 million over the month. Household, non-financial corporation and financial sector deposits increased by €90.5 million, €57.7 million and €16.8 million respectively, while deposits from general government reduced by €8.3 million. Overnight deposits from Lithuanian households and non-financial corporations with credit institutions grew by €106.2 million and €38.2 million respectively over the month.

More information on the balance sheet of MFIs for August 2018 is available in the statistical release (246.9 KB download icon) of the Bank of Lithuania. Comprehensive MFI balance sheet data are also published on the Bank of Lithuania’s website.