Bank of Lithuania

The 6th annual Seminar of Cash and Issue Departments of Baltic States Central Banks “Banknote of the 21st Century: Present and Prospects” has started today at the Bank of Lithuania. During the Seminar banknote production experts will discuss issues related to the latest developments in currency production and technology, their experience in currency production and issue.

The Seminar is attended by central bank representatives from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Belarus, Armenia and representatives of the major banknote printing companies from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Switzerland.

According to Reinoldijus ?arkinas, Chairman of the Board of the BoL, “this is the first occasion when such a big group of currency production experts has come together from different countries in Lithuania, which creates great opportunities to share the common experience between the countries that have introduced the euro and those that are planning to do so, and for the companies most of which that are represented at the Seminar were engaged in printing the euro.”

Participating in the Seminar is also Antti Heinonen, ECB Director Banknotes, who will make a presentation on the current euro banknote protection and prospects. Christopher Moss, another representative of the ECB, will review quality management in banknote production and requirements to the production of euro banknotes. Kari Takala, a representative of the Bank of Finland, will share the experience of the euro changeover in that country. Representatives from other central banks will present their experience in the development of secure banknotes.

Well-known producers of secure documents and materials used in their production (Bundesdruckerei International Services GmbH, De la Rue Currency, Francois-Charles Oberthur, Giesecke & Devrient GmbHh, Orell Füsslli Security Printing Ltd., SICPA S.A.) will present their approaches to the security of modern banknotes, a new generation of security systems, the latest achievements in improving the protection and resilience and the evolution of secure inks.