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  • Linas Linkevičius, Minister of Foreign Affairs  
    Photo author: V. Skaraitis, BFL
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Our State is commemorating the 25th anniversary of its international recognition, which began with the declaration of its Independence. On this anniversary the Bank of Lithuania issued a silver collector coin; it was presented to the public today at the Bank of Lithuania’s Money Museum.

‘The coin is colourful, its reverse highlights the flags of Lithuania and Iceland, which was the first country to recognise Lithuania’s Independence. The elements of the flag of Denmark, which was the second country to recognise Lithuania, and the flags of other nations are arranged in an arc reflecting the order that they recognised the Republic of Lithuania, when our country returned to the community of the free nations of the world. This return was symbolically crowned by Lithuania becoming a member of the United Nations; thus, the emblem of this major international organisation also adorns the new coin,’ said Marius Jurgilas, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.


Marius Jurgilas, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania (photo by V. Skaraitis, BFL)

‘This collector coin is an eloquent sign of history and an expression of gratitude to all those who recognised Lithuania’s independence. For this decisive step, which allowed Lithuania to once again return home — to Europe and the world — we will be forever grateful,’ said Linas Linkevičius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who attended the unveiling of the coin.

The new coin was gifted by Marius Jurgilas to the Danish Ambassador Dan E. Frederiksen and Vaidotas Sankalas, Honorary Consul in Iceland, both of whom participated in the event. This coin will also be gifted by the Bank of Lithuania to the ex-foreign ministers of two countries that distinguished themselves in strengthening the Independence of Lithuania: Iceland’s Jon Baldvin Hannibalsson and Uffe Elleman-Jensen from Denmark. The coin will also be sent to the United Nations Organization.


Ambassador of Denmark Dan E. Frederiksen (photo by V. Skaraitis, BFL)


The new coin gifted by Marius Jurgilas to Vaidotas Sankalas, Honorary Consul in Iceland (photo by V. Skaraitis, BFL)

The coin dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the consolidation of Lithuania’s Independence was created by the artist Rūta Ničajienė. The brochure issued together with this coin was written by Prof Dr Ramūnas Vilpišauskas. UAB Lithuanian Mint minted 4,000 coins.


Artist of the new coin Rūta Ničajienė (photo by V. Skaraitis, BFL)

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Each country, the currency of which is the euro, have the right to mint collector euro coins, selecting the denomination, metal and other features at its discretion. These coins must significantly differ from circulation coins in at least two of the following three features: colour, diameter or weight. Such coins are legal tender only in the issuing country, unlike circulation and commemorative euro coins, which are legal tender in the entire euro area.

This new coin can be purchased at the cash offices of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius and Kaunas. It will also be distributed by official distributors of numismatic items.


Photo by V. Skaraitis, BFL