Bank of Lithuania
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Lithuania’s financial accounts for Q1 2019

Financial accounts data for Q1 2019 published today show that the annual growth rate of household debt (9.7%) outpaced that of financial assets (7.7%). For more information, see the Bank of Lithuania statistical release (83.4 KB download icon).

Detailed data on the financial assets and liabilities of Lithuania’s institutional sectors are available on the Bank of Lithuania website (Financial accounts statistics).

Please note that financial accounts statistics were supplemented with new data. As of now, other financial institutions will be divided into three subsectors – other financial intermediaries, financial auxiliaries, and captive financial institutions and money lenders. This will allow to better assess the scale of non-bank lending in Lithuania. For more information on the kind of activities and institutions classified within each subsector, see Financial accounts methodology. Furthermore, the rest of the world sector is supplemented with data on euro and non-euro area countries; this will allow monitoring the directions of financial flows.