Bank of Lithuania
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Together with the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and the team of the “Create Lithuania” programme, the Bank of Lithuania has launched a cycle of meetings – the GovTech Forum. This initiative is aimed at introducing innovations that help achieve greater efficiency in the public sector as well as provide better public services for residents.

“Innovations are one of the main engines for generating high added value, having a wide range of application possibilities: from data management to innovative public services. For example, the Bank of Lithuania is working on several projects aimed at assessing the potential of blockchain technology and exploring the possibilities of implementing artificial intelligence and robotisation in its activities. We want to share our insights and experience with other public service institutions, learn from other institutions and, possibly, implement joint projects,” said Jekaterina Govina, Adviser to the Board Member of the Bank of Lithuania.

“Today, digital technologies are not only changing businesses and markets, but are also opening up great opportunities for public sector efficiency. Digital technologies enable countries to loosen their bureaucratic mechanisms and create qualitatively new services for all citizens and businesses. It is crucial that technological solutions, possibilities and benefits are discussed not only in a narrow circle of IT specialists. It has to be in the competence of the whole public sector,” said Elijus Čivilis, Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation.

The aim of these meetings is to promote cooperation between Lithuania’s institutions and organisations, provide examples of good practices and discuss future joint projects aiming at implementing digitisation and innovations in state institutions.

During the first meeting, representatives of the Bank of Lithuania and the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation will present their mentored projects.

GovTech refers to the whole set of IT tools for seeking solutions on how to strengthen the public sector, including its services.