Bank of Lithuania
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During the meeting held in Riga on 31 May, the governors of the central banks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will discuss the economic outlook of the Baltic States, monetary policy-related issues and common regional challenges to the stability and reliability of the financial system. The Chairman and Members of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania have already arrived in Riga to meet with their counterparts from the other two central banks.

The meeting will focus on the rapid development of financial innovations, management of related risks, and cooperation between the three central banks. The representatives of the Bank of Lithuania will present the country’s experience in creating a FinTech‑conducive regulatory environment to strengthen the supervision of the financial market, including domestic anti-money laundering measures.

The informal annual meetings of the governors of the Baltic central banks are held on rotation in each of the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – to share views on topical issues and discuss further cooperation possibilities.

Last year the meeting was held in Estonia, while in 2020 it will take place in Lithuania.