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Today the Bank of Lithuania unveiled the €50 gold collector coin dedicated to the Movement for the Struggle for Freedom of Lithuania. This is the first Lithuanian collector coin to pay homage to post-war partisan resistance movements. The coin was presented to the public in a reconstructed partisan bunker at the Centre for Civil Education in Vilnius. 

“Collector coins commemorate prominent Lithuanian figures, historical events and places. This particular coin is the first one to depict the challenging post-war period and honour the determination of Lithuanian partisans who fought for the freedom of our country. History shows that the struggle ended in victory – today we all live in a free democratic country,” said Vitas Vasiliauskas, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania. 

The edge of the gold coin bears the inscription “Minaičiai. 1949 metų vasario 16-oji”. This was the place where 70 years ago partisans from various resistance districts gathered to sign the Declaration of the Council of the Movement for the Struggle for Freedom of Lithuania. 

The declaration laid down the guidelines for the future of Lithuania as a democratic republic and socially-oriented state. It was signed by eight partisans.  

The obverse of the €50 gold coin depicts a heart with the contour of Lithuania in the middle, formed by tree bark ornaments, reminiscent of symbolic scars. The reverse of the coin features trees with their branches similar to crosses – eternal monuments to the victims of the freedom movement, the inscription LIETUVOS LAISVĖS KOVOS SĄJŪDIS (The Movement for the Struggle for Freedom of Lithuania) and the sign of the double cross. The coin was designed by Eglė Ratkutė.

The coin is available for purchase on the Bank of Lithuania e-shop, at the Bank of Lithuania cash offices, or through the official distributors of numismatic items. It is issued in a mintage of 3,000 pieces.

The Bank of Lithuania has been issuing collector and commemorative coins since 1993. In total the country’s central bank issued more than 120 collector and commemorative coins, 17 of which were minted in gold.