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At the House of Signatories where the Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed a hundred years ago, the Bank of Lithuania presented to the public the series of collector coins dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuania’s Independence, issued today. This is the first time that collector coins dedicated to the first Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania are being issued.

‘Symbolically, the Centennial coins are presented at the place where the document due to which we can commemorate the Centenary of the restored Lithuania has emerged. We have dedicated this collection of coins to those who we would not have done without in the early days of Independence: the signatories who needed courage to restore Independence; the diplomats who worked for Lithuania’s international recognition; the lawyers who laid the foundations for the State and sought that Independence is established in Lithuania as well and, of course, the defenders of the independent State – soldiers and volunteers,’ said Vitas Vasiliauskas, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.  

The series of collection coins ‘The 100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence’ consists of four coins; all of them are issued and presented on the same day. Their shape has been chosen, and they have been minted so as all the four could form one big ring, with the gold coin in the centre. The gold coin depicts the facsimile signatures of the signatories to the Act of Independence of Lithuania who signed the historical document of the Council of Lithuania on 16 February 1918.

The first silver ring is dedicated to Diplomacy. The reverse of this 5 euro silver coin carries three dates reminding of the efforts to achieve Independence not forcefully but through diplomatic, political, legal actions.

The second silver ring is the 10 euro silver coin dedicated to Armed Forces and Militarised Organisations. It perpetuates the establishment of the Lithuanian Army and the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union as well as the fights for the Independence of Lithuania in 1918–1920.

The 20 euro silver coin dedicated to the Legal System features the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, the beginning of the activities of courts and the Lithuanian Bar Association, the dates of the establishment of the first Government and the Constituent Seimas. 

The collector coins from the series ‘The 100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence’ were minted at the UAB Lithuanian Mint; the mintage of each coin – 4,000 pcs. The coins are available for sale on the Bank of Lithuania’s e-shop, via the distributors of numismatic coins or at the Bank of Lithuania cash offices (Žirmūnų g. 151 in Vilnius or Maironio g. 25 in Kaunas).