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On 26 June the Bank of Lithuania will issue into circulation a €2 commemorative circulation coin dedicated to the Centenary Song and Dance Celebration. The coin, which is being issued in a mintage of half a million, will be legal tender across the euro area countries. This coin is the Bank of Lithuania’s second coin perpetuating the Song Celebration tradition.

‘All of the coins issued this year – and we issue two such coins per year – are closely related to an exclusive occasion, the centenary of the restoration of the State of Lithuania. The first coin was dedicated to the three Baltic States, while this one – to the centennial Song Celebration, which will unite tens of thousands of people living in Lithuania and beyond. We can really feel proud of such unity, and the coin will make this unique heritage known across Europe,’ said Marius Jurgilas, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania. 
The national side of the coin features stylised figures of people and birds symbolic of the Lithuanian folk dance and song, typical of paper cuttings, a Lithuanian folk art genre. The coin’s national side was designed by Eglė Ratkutė.

The first collector litas coin, which was dedicated to the Song Celebration, was issued by the Bank of Lithuania in 1994 to mark the World Lithuanians’ Song Celebration. It was a 10 litas coin of the alloy of copper and nickel.

The new, €2 commemorative coin, dedicated to the Song and Dance Celebration, will be issued in a mintage of 0.5 million and will be legal tender across the euro area countries. Among this quantity, 5 thousand coins will be higher, BU quality; they will be issued in a special packaging. 

Advance sale of €2 commemorative coins of BU quality in a special packaging starts on 19 June in the online shop, and from 26 June – at the Bank of Lithuania cash offices and via its official distributors of numismatic items. The usual €2 coins will be available for exchange into the €2 commemorative coins dedicated to the Song and Dance Celebration at the Bank of Lithuania cash offices as of 26 June.