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Direct Investment in Q4 2023.

The Bank of Lithuania published the provisional data on direct investment (DI) for Q4 2023. According to the latest data release:

foreign direct investment (FDI) flow in Lithuania amounted to €743.1 million during the reporting period, up by 59.9% year on year. The positive development was triggered by an increase of non-resident investment in equity instruments. The largest positive flows to Lithuania were observed from the Netherlands (€211.9 million), Latvia (€116.3 million) and Estonia (€91.8 million), while negative flows came from Cyprus (€28.1 million) and Israel (€19.1 million). In terms of economic activity, investments in financial and insurance activities (€295.7 million) as well as manufacturing activities (€215.4 million) were the ones to stand out;

FDI income by non-residents amounted to €691.8 million in Q4 2023 and was 7% lower year on year. Reinvestment (€539.1 million) and dividends (€125.6 million) accounted for the bulk of income. Most income from FDI was earned by Swedish (€160.8 million), Latvian (€92.1 million) and Estonian (€84.9 million) investors;

cumulative FDI in Lithuania rose by 11% over the year and amounted to €33.2 billion, or 46% of GDP, as at 31 December 2023. FDI per capita in Lithuania amounted to an average of €11,485 (€10,454 as at 31 December 2022). The largest investors in Lithuania included Germany (€5.7 billion), Estonia (€3.7 billion), Sweden (€3.3 billion), the Netherlands (€3.2 billion) and Latvia (€2 billion). The largest share of FDI (€11.6 billion) was attracted by companies engaged in financial and insurance activities, recording a 12.1% increase in investment (see Chart 1);

the flow of Lithuania’s DI abroad amounted to €67.6 million during the reporting period. The largest investment flows were recorded for Germany (€37.6 million) and Sweden (€34 million), or for companies engaged in information and communication activities (€97.4 million) in terms of economic activity;

DI income earned by Lithuanian investors abroad amounted to €141.6 million. Reinvestments accounted for the largest share of income (€120.9 million). Most income was earned from investment in Latvia (€49.3 million), Germany (€33.8 million) and Poland (€21.3 million), while in terms of economic activity – from information and communication companies (€49.8 million);

Lithuania’s cumulative DI abroad grew by 25.9% year on year and stood at €13.3 billion as at 31 December 2023. Lithuania’s DI in the EU Member States accounted for 60.3%. Major directions of Lithuania’s DI abroad: the US and Latvia (34.2% and 15.2% of Lithuania’s total DI abroad respectively). The largest share of Lithuania’s cumulative DI abroad (46%, or €6.1 billion) went to companies engaged in professional, scientific and technical activities (see Chart 2).

Chart 1. Cumulative FDI in Lithuania, by type of activity

Direct investment in Q4 2023
Chart 2. Lithuania’s cumulative DI abroad, by type of activity
Direct investment in Q4 2023

When calculating the data for Q4 2023, the data for Q1–Q3 2023 were revised. Detailed data on DI is available on the Bank of Lithuania website under External statistics.
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