Bank of Lithuania
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Today, the Bank of Lithuania issues into circulation €5 silver and €1.50 copper/nickel alloy collector coins dedicated to Hope. They commemorate the union and solidarity of the world in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.  

“The coin dedicated to Hope is a symbol, proving that we can survive any difficulties thrown at us, that even at the darkest of times we help each other, unite and work for a common cause. At the same time, this coin is also an opportunity to pay tribute to anyone who contributed to combating the pandemic – from doctors to every single person around the world – all those who conscientiously followed every recommendation, worked remotely, taught their children at home, and supported their loved ones,” said Asta Kuniyoshi, Deputy Chair of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania 

“Hope empowers us to stay on our lifelong path. But what is its visible form? Hope manifests itself through our actions and selfless deeds” – these are words from the booklet included with the coin. 

On the reverse of the coin dedicated to Hope are rays of light illuminating the year 2020, the main symbol of the coin. The shadow from the numbers of the date forms the international distress signal SOS. The minimalistic obverse of the coin features the pointer arrow of a measuring instrument having reached its critical limit. On the €5 coin, this limit is marked in red. 

The edge of the €5 coin is inscribed with a Latin and Lithuanian saying: Post tenebras spero lucem – after darkness, I hope for light. The edge of the €1.50 coin is rimmed. The author of the coin’s graphic design is Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė. The coins were minted at the Lithuanian Mint. 

The mintage of the €5 silver coin is 2,500 pcs, while the €1.50 copper/nickel alloy – 30,000 pcs. E-shop