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The Centre for Financial Literacy of the Bank of Lithuania will join the World Investor Week on 24-28 October and would like to draw the attention of those interested in investing to four topics: knowledge-based investment, the impact of investments on the environment and why it matters, how to avoid fraudsters and what is the world of crypto-assets.

“Lithuanian residents still invest in financial products that they do not understand or simply fall into the trap laid by fraudsters. Therefore, our Centre, which has just started its activities, is primarily focused on informing people about financial products, their characteristics, and providing knowledge to help make rational investment decisions. All this would allow to better manage personal finances and be more resilient to increasing financial fraud. This World Investor Week is a great opportunity to remind investors, especially beginners, about the key aspects,” says Dr Viktorija Dičpinigaitienė, Head of the Centre for Financial Literacy.

Each day of the World Investor Week will be dedicated to a new topic. On 25 October, the Bank of Lithuania will host a live stream on its Facebook page on the theme “Beware of fraudsters: Stories, lessons, advice”.

Dr Eivilė Čipkutė, President of the Association of Lithuanian Banks, which initiated a comprehensive joint information campaign “Identify the Fraudster”, will participate in the discussion. During the live stream, listeners will hear real fraud stories, tips on how to avoid the trap of fraudsters, and will be able to ask questions.

Special podcasts will also be streamed during the World Investor Week:

On October 26, you will find out why sustainability is important to investors in Verslo žinios podcast. Rosvaldas Krušna, Adviser to Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, and Mantas Agentas, CEO of Mantinga Group, will be on the podcast to share their knowledge and advice.

On 28 October, you will be able to listen to #LBpodcast dedicated to crypto-assets – Audrius Šilgalis, Head of the Investment Services and Undertakings Supervision Division, will talk about the specifics, risks and prospects in the area and the approach of supervisory authorities.

On 27 October, the Centre for Financial Literacy will participate in the Financial Literacy Conference at LITEXPO. The Centre will invite children to the educational space, and representatives of the Bank of Lithuania will give presentations: Simonas Krėpšta, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, will share his vision in the presentation “Financial literacy in Lithuania: Where are we and where do we want to be?” and Dr Viktorija Dičpinigaitienė, Head of the Centre, will give handy tips to investors in her presentation “Measure twice, invest once!”.

World Investor Week programme on the Bank of Lithuania’s Facebook page

  • 24 October: Contest and prizes.
  • 25 October: Live stream on fraudsters “Beware of fraudsters: Stories, lessons, advice”.
  • 26 October: Verslo žinios podcast on sustainability “The worst thing to do is nothing: The importance of sustainable finance”.
  • 27 October: Conference on financial literacy at LITEXPO; contest and prizes.
  • 28 October: #LBpodcast on risks when investing in crypto-assets.

The Centre for Financial Literacy

The Centre for Financial Literacy, which aims to strengthen financial and economic literacy of residents, was established by the Bank of Lithuania in September 2022. The Centre strives to ensure that consumers make rational financial decisions, know alternatives to financial services and choose services by comparing several financial market participants. The Centre also focuses on prevention in order to strengthen resilience to increasing financial fraud.