Bank of Lithuania
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The Bank of Lithuania has recently noticed intensified activities of the SkyWay group, encouraging investing in this group’s projects. Our advice is not to be drawn in by the proposals of SkyWay, as this may lead to investors losing their funds.

As early as in 2014, the Bank of Lithuania established that the company Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd, registered in Great Britain, was publicly offering its securities without necessary permits in Lithuania. To protect the interests of investors, the Bank of Lithuania has issued a public warning, transferring information on the Company’s illegal actions to the Prosecutor General’s Office. In addition, it has advised the Financial Market Supervisory Authority of the United Kingdom thereof. 

Nevertheless, companies within the SkyWay group or their representatives keep issuing invitations, in various ways, to finance unclear projects, promising "quick and easy benefits". It is now being proposed to invest in the projects of the private limited company First SkyWay Invest Group Limited through acquisition of its shares. Information for potential investors is being distributed through social networks, via invitations to project presentations, providing information on the Company’s website in Lithuanian, etc. The Company is presented as a prospective start-up company, which collects funds from potential investors (as stated, not publicly and only from professional ones) to finance its projects.

The Bank of Lithuania warns that it has issued no permits for First SkyWay Invest Group Limited to publicly offer its securities in Lithuania or provide related services. No decisions or permits of the supervisory authorities of other European Union countries, granting the right for the companies of First SkyWay Invest Group Limited or their representatives to raise funds in Lithuania, have been received either. 

Be careful or you may lose your money.