Bank of Lithuania
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The Bank of Lithuania has started publishing more data on loans granted to businesses, households and the general government by commercial banks operating in Lithuania, their subsidiaries, and foreign bank branches collected in the Loan Risk Database – national Central Credit Register.

“These data reflect the state of Lithuania’s economy, and we hope that they will be useful for analysts and will assist residents, businesses and the public sector in taking relevant decisions. To increase the value added of the data, we take user needs into account, widen the scope of the data published, and publish a larger number of relevant indicators,” says Ramūnas Baravykas, Director of the Data and Statistics Department of the Bank of Lithuania.

The Central Credit Register administered by the Bank of Lithuania accumulates information on borrowers and loans granted to them. The newly published data will supplement the loan data that are already in public domain by types of economic activities, and will present a cross-cutting analysis of the loan carrying amounts, loan spreads, average loan maturity and other indicators.

For the convenience of users, the loan data will be published and updated according to a data release calendar on a monthly basis.

To establish a closer cooperation with users, the Bank of Lithuania invites to submit a data request via the Lithuanian Open Data portal or by email to