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Today the Bank of Lithuania issues into circulation the €5 collector coin dedicated to Scouts. The theme for the coin was chosen through a public poll held by the Bank of Lithuania.

‘The obverse of the new coin features Vytis, the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania, foregrounded against a symbolic scouting map. It serves as a reminder that scouting represents not only bonfires, camps and outdoor activities but also dedication to fostering patriotism in young people. The slogan Dievui, Tėvynei, artimui (for God, Fatherland and Family) taken up by the scouting movement some 101 years ago will now also be commemorated on the coin,’ said Asta Kuniyoshi, Deputy Chair of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

Started by Captain Petras Jurgėla, the scouting movement in Lithuania dates back to 1 October 1918. Historian Giedrius Globys noted that in interwar Lithuania there were more than 100,000 scouts. Many Lithuanian-born scouts obtained highest professional achievements while in exile and later contributed to the Lithuanian National Revival. Though the Lithuanian Scout Association was prohibited in 1940, its activities continued in exile. The scouting movement was revived in 1989. Currently, ten scout organisations are active in Lithuania, uniting around 5,000 members. They all act on uniform principles and pursue the same goals – that is, development of a harmonious personality and teaching of patriotic values.

Designed by Eglė Ratkutė, the obverse of the coin features a silhouette of Vytis, depicted as a dotted road, in the background – a symbolic scouting map, while the reverse of the coin depicts the lily – Lithuanian scouting symbol – surrounded by elements of scouting activities related to physical and spiritual training, open-air living (camping, hiking, backpacking). The edge of the coin bears the inscription DIEVUI, TĖVYNEI, ARTIMUI (FOR GOD, FATHERLAND and FAMILY) and the scouting sign.

The new €5 collector coin will be issued in a mintage of 2,500 pieces. It is available for purchase on the Bank of Lithuania e-shop (, at the Bank of Lithuania cash offices, or through the official distributors of numismatic items. The coin was minted at the Lithuanian Mint.

The theme for the coin was selected through a public poll – it received more than 4,000 votes (72% of all participants). This is the second time that the public is given a chance to voice their opinion in selecting the theme for a coin – the first coin, issued in 2018, was dedicated to the 50th Physicists Day of Vilnius University (FiDi 50). A coin dedicated to Environmental Protection will be issued in 2020.