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Today, the Bank of Lithuania published the balance of payments for June 2021, which shows that:

the current account balance (CAB) surplus of €96.8 million replaced the deficit recorded in May. This CAB surplus resulted from a lower foreign trade balance deficit and a higher surplus in the balance of services (see Chart 1). As foreign trade exports increased more than imports (by 4.5% and 0.4%, respectively), the foreign trade balance deficit contracted (by 29.7%) and amounted to €240.1 million. A larger increase in the exports of services (1.7%), compared to that of imports (0.3%), boosted the surplus in the balance of services, which totalled €451.0 million;

the secondary income balance declined, but remained in surplus, amounting to €17.6 million. Transfers from European Union (EU) support funds (€32.1 million) rose by 5.9%, whereas Lithuania’s calculated contributions to the EU budget (€49.1 million) went up by 36.3%, compared to May. Personal transfers from abroad amounted to €51.6 million, a month-on-month increase of 7.7%. Personal transfers from Lithuania totalled €18.6 million, rising by 1.7% month on month;

the negative net flow of financial account investment (€229.2 million) resulted from the negative net flows of other investment and direct investment, which were not offset by the positive net flow of portfolio investment and the positive official reserve assets (see Chart 2).

Chart 1. CAB and its composite flows

Balance of payments of the Republic of Lithuania: June 2021

Chart 2. Net financial account investment flows

Balance of payments of the Republic of Lithuania: June 2021

Detailed data for June 2021 is available on the Bank of Lithuania website (External statistics).

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