Bank of Lithuania
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Today, the Bank of Lithuania published the quarterly financial account (QFA) data with times series going back as far as the first quarter of 1995.

Longer time series of the QFA data allows to make more precise forecasts, as it better reflects the economic developments taking place in the country and shows the main trends of the economic phenomena.

These data present an overview of Lithuania’s economy before its accession to the European Union and serve as evidence of the significant development of Lithuania during this period.

Financial assets of Lithuania’s economy in Q4 1995 amounted to just €13.4 billion. Over the period of twenty-six years, these assets increased 16 times and stood at €210 billion in Q4 2020. The composition of financial assets changed as well and new types of financial assets, such as investment fund shares and pension funds, were introduced.

Detailed data on financial assets and liabilities of institutional sectors is available on the Bank of Lithuania website (under Financial accounts statistics and Debt indicators of institutional sectors).

Use the My Data Sets tool to create your own data sets, which are saved in your account and automatically updated as soon as they are published.

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