Bank of Lithuania
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Today, 20 December, the Bank of Lithuania issued into circulation the €2 commemorative coin dedicated to Suvalkija (Sūduva). The commemorative coin is issued in a mintage of 500,000 and is legal tender throughout the euro area.

This is the fourth coin in the series “Lithuanian Ethnographic Regions”. Last year, the Bank of Lithuania issued the €2 coin dedicated to Dzūkija, in 2020 to Aukštaitija and 2019 to Žemaitija.

The national side of the coin features an aurochs on the escutcheon, while the escutcheon is decorated on both sides with silver oak branches with acorns joined at the bottom with a silver ribbon with an inscription VIENYBĖ TEŽYDI (UNITY MAY BLOSSOM). Oak branches symbolise the rich history of the region that goes back to the pagan times of the Lithuanian State. In the past, the aurochs was the most widespread animal in this region. The national side of the coin was designed by Rolandas Rimkūnas. The common side is the same as on circulation coins, it was designed by Luc Luycx.

In the accompanying e-brochure, Dr Vytautas Tumėnas claims that the lifestyle of the Suvalkiečiai was influenced by their economically superior Prussian neighbours – who were also, parenthetically, residents of the region from where book smuggling spread. There were few manors in the region, and the peasants were freed from serfdom under better conditions and earlier than elsewhere, in the early 19th century. Large farms predominated because they were not divided among the families’ children. This is why, at the beginning of the Soviet era, a particularly large number of wealthier farmers in Suvalkija were exiled to Siberia. The people of this region are particularly characterised by their industriousness, frugality, and generosity. Regarding the region’s culinary heritage, Suvalkiečiai are famous for their curd cheese (they were the first to press sweet milk cheese) and smoked meat products (skilandis, sausages, smoked hams, cured pork fat). Bread dough balls with fresh or dried fruits are boiled to make duonzupė, or sweet fruit soup, or milky doughball soup. Bread patties baked on cabbage leaves is another delicious regional meal.

The mintage of the coin dedicated to Suvalkija (Sūduva) is 500,000, of which 5,000 are of BU quality in numismatic package. Coins of UNC quality are exchanged according to their denomination at the Bank of Lithuania Cash Offices (a maximum of 125 pcs for a person per day). Residents will also be able to receive coins through points of sale, and they will be used in daily settlements.