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Three coins issued last year by the Bank of Lithuania — dedicated to Baltic Studies, the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way and “Form” — garnered acclaim at the international commemorative coin contest Coin Constellation 2015. Here, 240 coins from 29 countries and 46 organisations were assessed.

The last collector litas coin, “Form”, earned even two awards. This coin was awarded by the judging committee first place in the category “Silver Coin of the Year” and second place in the category “Original Technology”.


Coin "Form" (photo by M. Ambrazas)

The 50 litas silver coin “Form” is called the most technological of all in the history of Lithuanian collectors coins — a small optical marvel. The image of the Vytis on the reverse of the coin seems almost to be hidden, but no matter which way the coin is turned, the image remains proportional. The irregularly arranged perfect circles on the reverse create the illusion of movement. The author of the coin’s graphic project is Agnė Dautartaitė-Krutulė, while the digital project was created by Giedrius Paulauskis. The minting of the coin can be viewed here, while the event where the coin was presented — here (both films in Lithuanian).

The only gold coin issued last year, which was dedicated to Baltic Studies (from the series “Lithuanian Science”), was awarded second place in the category “Gold Coin of the Year”. On the 10 litas coin the artist Vaidotas Skolevičius artistically immortalised an amber disc — a thick, irregularly shaped archaeological find, reminiscent of a button, from the Neolithic period and which is assigned to the culture of the Balts.


Coin to Baltic Studies (photo by G. Savickis)

Another Lithuanian coin that garnered international acclaim was the coin dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way (from the series “Lithuania’s Road to Independence”). It was awarded third place in the category “Successful Artistic Solution”. The symbolic tree on the 50 litas silver coin depicts the uniting of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia into a living chain on the Baltic Way. The leaves of the tree are in the colours of the flags of the three Baltic nations. The coin was created by Eglė Ratkutė, while the plaster model — by G. Paulauskis.


Coin to the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way (photo by G. Savickis)

Moreover, another coin dedicated to the Baltic Way, issued by the Bank of Latvia, also garnered acclaim — it was awarded second place in the category “Silver Coin of the Year”.

From 1993, the Bank of Lithuanian issued 88 collector (commemorative) coins and 18 collector (commemorative) circulation coins. At international contests they earned, in total, 20 prizes. All the coins are minted by the Lithuanian Mint.

The coin contest Coin Constellation was organised for the ninth time. According to its terms and conditions, this year only coins issued into circulation from 1 January 2014 until 31 December were judged. The event was organised by the company Watermark Publishing House, established in Russia.