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The Bank of Lithuania together with the Lithuanian Mint is presenting collector and commemorative coins issued to mark the 100th anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of Lithuania at the World Money Fair in Berlin.

‘The exhibition, held for the 47th time, is a social and cultural phenomenon that is not missed either by coin producers and distributors or the most renowned world numismatists. For us, it is a perfect setting to present to our target audience the coins issued to mark a special occasion – the 100th anniversary of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania, thus raising awareness of our country,’ said Deivis Stankevičius, Director of the Cash Department.

The participants in the numismatic forum, considered to be the largest in the world, include mints, central banks and other financial institutions responsible for coin issue, distributors of coin blanks, manufacturers of coin production equipment, coordinators of commemorative coin programmes, creators of numismatic publications and catalogues, coin distribution companies, collectors, auction houses of numismatic items.

In addition to the coin dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Baltic States, the numismatic set of circulation coins dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence, collector coins from precious metals dedicated to Signatories, Diplomacy, Armed Forces and Militarised Organisations and the Legal System, the Bank of Lithuania together with the Lithuanian Mint will also present medals, signs and state awards struck by the Lithuanian Mint from various metals. The Lithuanian Mint has also struck a token specifically for this exhibition. Detailed information on the Lithuanian coins issued is presented in the catalogue of the Bank of Lithuania ‘Lithuanian Collector and Commemorative Coins.1993–2017’.

The World Money Fair was first held in Basel in 1972. The representatives of the Bank of Lithuania first visited this international exhibition in 1997, while in 1998 they already participated as the representatives of Lithuania. When the exhibition moved to Berlin in 2006, the Lithuanian Mint was assigned the representation function. The Bank of Lithuania will again have its booth at the exhibition this year after some break.  

The World Money Fair will take place on 2–4 February; the Royal Dutch Mint operating for more than 450 years will participate as the guest of honour.