Bank of Lithuania

Experts from the Bank of Lithuania will cooperate with the Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs in investigating 100 litas counterfeit banknotes found recently in various places around Lithuania. The Police Department reported today about seven individuals detained on suspicion of making and distributing the counterfeit banknotes. Police commissariats predominantly in the western regions of the country have launched a number of pre-trial investigations.

„According to the common practice of cooperation between our institutions the Police Department will ask us to examine the counterfeit banknotes. After the examination is over, we will report out findings to the police,” head of the Currency Examination Division of the Cash Department Algimantas Sodeika said.

Since August there were over 70 pieces of counterfeited banknotes registered in the database of the Bank of Lithuania, allegedly made by individuals suspected of money counterfeiting. 

„Despite of attempts made at imitating some of the banknote security features, the counterfeit banknotes can be easily distinguished from genuine ones. People could learn some security features and try to remember at least some of them,” Sodeika spoke.

For more information on litas banknotes and their security features please see the website of the Bank of Lithuania.