Bank of Lithuania

Find out whether worn or damaged circulation and commemorative euro coins are exchanged at the Bank of Lithuania.

  Exchanged free of charge at the Bank of Lithuania
Coins whose appearance changed due to being in circulation for a long time (scratched, slightly deformed), or they were affected by the environment (in water for a long time, rusted, etc.), yet their image is clearly visible on both sides
Counterfeit coins
Deliberately damaged coins
Coins so damaged that their authenticity cannot be checked using special devices and/or doing so is too difficult
Coins whose wholeness, overall weight or other identification features (images on both sides, characteristics of the surface and the edge, etc.) were changed drastically as a result of various processes
Bimetal coins made from the core and rings of different coins

 – coins are exchanged    – coins are neither exchanged nor reimbursed

If there are any doubts regarding the genuineness or acceptability of a coin, an acceptability evaluation must be conducted. For this you will have to fill out a request form (12.6 KB download icon) (available at the Bank of Lithuania cash offices). You will receive our conclusion, determining whether the coins will be exchanged or not, within 30 days.

If the acceptability evaluation shows that the circulation and/or commemorative coins cannot be exchanged, they will not be returned and remain at the Bank of Lithuania to be destroyed.

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Last update: 12-06-2020