Bank of Lithuania
June 03

M. Jurgilas will participate in Sifted Talks panel discussion “How did Lithuania become fintech’s latest hotspot?”.

Lithuania has been dubbed by many as the EU’s fastest-growing FinTech hub. This pace has accelerated even more amidst a post-Brexit swarm of FinTechs setting up headquarters in its cities.

How did this underdog become an unexpected FinTech star, and what lessons should the rest of Europe’s FinTech ecosystems learn from Lithuania?

They’ll be exploring:

  • How has Lithuania set itself up to take the European FinTech crown? What makes their ecosystem unique?
  • What FinTech consumer trends have we seen from Lithuania over the past year?
  • How much does Lithuania’s FinTech ecosystem act as a microcosm for the rest of European FinTech?
  • What lessons should other European countries learn from Lithuania regarding FinTech regulation?

This Sifted Talk will be moderated by Kit Gillet, eastern Europe correspondent, Sifted, and the panel consists of the following speakers:

  • Dimitri Gugunava, VP banking, SumUp
  • Marius Jurgilas, board member, Bank of Lithuania
  • Nathalie Oestmann, COO, Curve.

This Sifted Talk is in partnership with Invest Lithuania. 

You can register here.

Last update: 01-06-2021