Bank of Lithuania
Published 01-02-2022
Valid until 07-03-2022
Topic Supervision of financial market participants
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Consultation objective

We have published documents following the public consultation (12/05/2022): Capital Market Development Action Plan, Comment coordination report


The purpose of the consultation is to find out the public opinion about the Draft Capital Market Development Measures Plan prepared by the Bank of Lithuania containing measures that could foster stable and competitive capital market development in Lithuania, facilitate the use of the existing financial market instruments for the country’s citizens and economic entities, and the access to financing instruments used in other countries.

Please reply on this page or send your responses by email: [email protected], expressing your opinion on whether you agree with the Bank of Lithuania’s Draft Measures Plan, the priorities identified, and the actions envisaged therein, and pointing out your views, comments or suggestions on the specific measures addressing the issues raised and the objectives set.

Please provide your feedback by 7 March 2022.

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