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The obverse of the coin bears the sign of Lithuanian Jews (Litvaks) – the community identity symbol representing the identification of Lithuanian Jews, as citizens, with the State of Lithuania since the reign of Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania; above it – the denomination (€10), below – the inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA), the year of issue (2020), the mark of the creative team of the graphic project and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint. The main design of the coin is surrounded by the inscription “The Year of the Vilna Gaon and the History of the Jews of Lithuania” in the Lithuanian and Hebrew languages as well as the number 5780 which stands for the year 2020 in the Jewish calendar.


The reverse of the coin bears two signs: ש – the Hebrew crown-shaped letter Shin which in gematria represents the number 300, and גר"א – an acronym for “Ha Gaon Rabbi Elyahu”, meaning “Gaon (Genius) Rabbi Elijah”. A pad-printing technology was used to highlight the abbreviation of his name and the letter Shin – commemoration of his 300th birth anniversary. The bottom of the coin features a symbolic Torah scroll with the engraved number 300. The reverse also bears the inscriptions “the Vilna Gaon” and “Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman” in the Lithuanian and Hebrew languages.

Coin dedicated to the 300th birth anniversary of the Vilna Gaon (Elijah ben Solomon Zalman)
Coin dedicated to the 300th birth anniversary of the Vilna Gaon (Elijah ben Solomon Zalman)
Denomination: €10
Composition: silver Ag 925
Diameter: 34.00 mm
Weight: 23.30 g
Quality: PROOF
Coin type: collector

Desgned by Viktorija Sideraitė-Alon, Jūratė Juozėnienė, Albinas Šimanauskas

On the edge of the coin: JEI NORĖSI, IR TU TAPSI GENIJUM (IF YOU WILL IT, YOU TOO CAN BE A GENIUS) and the Yiddish translation of the phrase  
Pre-order from 13/10/2020
Release date: 20/10/2020
Mintage: 2,500 pcs
Price: EUR 62 (inclusive of VAT)
Minted at the Lithuanian Mint

Coin description

“If you will it, you too can be a genius” – a popular phrase common among Litvak families since the times of the Vilna Gaon, encouraging children to achieve their goals.

Last update: 31-05-2023