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The national side of the coin depicts a Taurus on the escutcheon, while the escutcheon is decorated on both sides with silver oak branches with acorns joined at the bottom with a silver ribbon with an inscription VIENYBĖ TEŽYDI (UNITY MAY BLOSSOM). Oak branches symbolize the rich history of the region that goes back to the pagan times of the Lithuanian state. In the past, Taurus was the most widespread animal in this region. The composition is surrounded by an inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA) and the year of issue 2022 on the top and an inscription SUVALKIJA and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint at the bottom. 12 stars are incorporated on the outer part of the coin, set out as they are on the flag of the European Union.


The common side of the coin features a geographical image of Europe.

Coin dedicated to Suvalkija (from the series ''Lithuanian Ethnographic Regions")
Coin dedicated to Suvalkija (from the series ''Lithuanian Ethnographic Regions")
Denomination: €2
Composition: alloy
Diameter: 25.75 mm
Weight: 8.50 g
Quality: BU
Coin type: commemorative

Designed by Rolandas Rimkūnas (national side) and Luc Luycx (common side)

Pre-order from 13/12/2022
Release date: 20/12/2022
Mintage: 500,000 pcs, including 5,000 BU-quality coins in a numismatic package
Price: BU quality – EUR 9.00 (inclusive of VAT), unc quality – exchanged according to denomination
Series: Lithuanian Ethnographic Regions
Minted at the Lithuanian Mint

Coin description

Coin dedicated to Suvalkija (Sūduva)

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Last update: 13-03-2023