Lithuanian Economic Review

Lithuanian Economic Review analyses the developments of the real sector, prices, public finance and credit in Lithuania, as well as the projected development of the domestic economy. The material presented in the Review is the result of statistical data analysis, modelling and expert assessment.

Lithuanian Economic Review (December 2016)

 Entire publication (pdf)
 Lithuania's Economic Development and Outlook (pdf)
 I. International Environment (pdf)
 II. Monetary Policy of the Eurosystem (pdf)
 III. Real Sector (pdf)
 IV. Labour Market (pdf)
 V. External Sector (pdf)
 VI. Prices and Costs (pdf)
 VII. Financing of the Economy (pdf)
 VIII. General Government Finance (pdf)
 ANNEX 1. Aging, Pension Reform and Policy Options in Lithuania (pdf)
 ANNEX 2. Reform of Lithuania‘s social model: employment legislation (pdf)
 ANNEX 3. Reform of Lithuania‘s social model: changes in social security system and the tax wedge (pdf)
 ANNEX 4. Review of Lithuania‘s market shares (pdf)

Lithuanian Economic Review evaluation form (doc)

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 Brief presentation of economic development of Lithuania

The presentation describes main tendencies in the economy of Lithuania and submits the up-to-date projections for the medium term macroeconomic indicators.   

Latest presentation (pdf)
December, 2016

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