Financial Stability Review

The primary purpose of the Financial Stability Review prepared by the Financial Stability Department of the Bank of Lithuania is to analyse the main risks for the Lithuanian financial system, devoting particular attention to the situation in the domestic banking system and its debtors – households and non-financial institutions.

The main objectives of the Financial Stability Review are the following:

  • draw attention to internal and external threats of the financial system of the country;
  • assess the capability of that system to withstand adverse impact of internal and external shocks;
  • advise market participants on how to adequately prepare for challenges in the financial system.

Financial Stability Review has been published annually since 2006. Until 2005, the Bank of Lithuania published annual reviews of the Lithuanian financial markets. 



    Latest issue:
   Financial Stability Review, 2015 n4483/pdf_zenkliukas.gif   n4483/epub40.jpg  


    Previous issues:
   Archive of Reviews (2007-2013)

Updated 07/06/2016