Collector (commemorative) coins

Collector (commemorative) coins are issued to honour landmark events in our state's and world's history, prominent people and architectural monuments. The Bank of Lithuania has already issued over 60 collector coins dedicated to special topics.

n378/moentos4.jpgThe first commemorative coin issued by the Bank of Lithuania was a 10 litas coin dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the flight across the Atlantic Ocean by Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas, which was minted of a copper and nickel alloy in 1993. Later, precious metals, such as silver and gold, were used for striking commemorative coins.

The following series of coins were issued: “The Rulers of Lithuania”, “Lithuanian Cities”, “Historical and Architectural Monuments of Lithuania”, “The Millennium of the Mention of the Name of Lithuania”, as well as coins dedicated to the Olympic games and other events. The Bank of Lithuania has been participating in international coin programmes. Gold and silver coins were issued as items of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) coin program “Children of the World”, “The Smallest Gold Coins of the World. History of Gold”, “Endangered Wildlife” and “Europe. European Cultural Heritage”.

In addition to silver and gold coins dedicated to certain events or phenomena, 1 litas collector circulation coins of the same design are also issued. Seven such coins have already been issued; they are dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Bank of Lithuania and litas, the 10th anniversary of the Baltic Way, the 425th anniversary of Vilnius University, the Palace of the Rulers of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, Vilnius as the European Capital of Culture 2009, the 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald and the basketball. The Bank also issues numismatic coinsets of litas and centas circulation coins that are of higher minting quality than regular circulation coins.

The website of the Bank of Lithuania presents comprehensive information on collector coins already issued, provides the programme of issue of collector coins, informs about coin design competitions and describes the procedures for ordering and obtaining collector coins.

The newly issued collector coins and numismatic coinsets of circulation coins are sold at the cash offices of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius, Kaunas.