Euro foreign exchange reference rates formed in accordance to the Law on Accounting

As of 01/01/2015 (the euro adoption date) until 31/12/2016 the exchange rates of the euro against foreign currencies, announced by the European Central Bank and Lietuvos Bankas, are presented in accordance with Article 5(2) of the Law on Accounting.

As of 01/01/2017 the exchange rates of the euro against foreign currencies, announced by the European Central Bank and Lietuvos Bankas, are presented in accordance with Article 5(3)(1) and 5(4)(2) of the Law on Accounting.

It should be noted that in publishing the euro foreign exchange reference rates, what the worth of 1 unit (euro) of the country’s currency is in foreign currency units is published, while in publishing the litas foreign exchange reference rates — what the worth of 1 unit of the foreign currency is in the country’s currency units (litas).

According to the Law on Accounting, the euro foreign exchange reference rate records
are formed in the database from January 1, 2015 until April 24, 2017
 Currency nameCurrency codeRateChange
Currency quote against one EuroData in CSV format  Data in Web Service format  
UAE dirhamUAE dirhamAED3.944250.000000.0000 %
AfghaniAfghaniAFN71.625800.000000.0000 %
Albanian lekAlbanian lekALL135.788330.000000.0000 %
Armenian dramArmenian dramAMD519.099090.000000.0000 %
Argentine pesoArgentine pesoARS16.553400.000000.0000 %
Australian dollarAustralian dollarAUD1.42190.00000.0000 %
Azerbaijanian manatAzerbaijanian manatAZN1.838970.000000.0000 %
Convertible marksConvertible marksBAM1.950650.000000.0000 %
Bangladeshi takaBangladeshi takaBDT86.138880.000000.0000 %
Bulgarian levBulgarian levBGN1.95580.00000.0000 %
Bahraini dinarBahraini dinarBHD0.404860.000000.0000 %
Belarussian rubleBelarussian rubleBYN2.010250.000000.0000 %
Bolivian bolivianoBolivian bolivianoBOB7.441780.000000.0000 %
Brazilian realBrazilian realBRL3.36830.00000.0000 %
Canadian dollarCanadian dollarCAD1.44130.00000.0000 %
Swiss francSwiss francCHF1.06800.00000.0000 %
Chilean pesoChilean pesoCLP710.351780.000000.0000 %
Chinese yuan renminbiChinese yuan renminbiCNY7.36660.00000.0000 %
Colombian pesoColombian pesoCOP3,092.688000.000000.0000 %
Czech korunaCzech korunaCZK26.9330.0000.0000 %
Djibouti francDjibouti francDJF192.197670.000000.0000 %
Danish kroneDanish kroneDKK7.43690.00000.0000 %
Algerian dinarAlgerian dinarDZD117.738520.000000.0000 %
Egyptian poundEgyptian poundEGP19.490380.000000.0000 %
Ethiopian birrEthiopian birrETB24.451560.000000.0000 %
Pound sterlingPound sterlingGBP0.837200.000000.0000 %
Georgian lariGeorgian lariGEL2.620190.000000.0000 %
CediCediGHS4.671250.000000.0000 %
Guinea francGuinea francGNF10,013.651250.000000.0000 %
Hong Kong dollarHong Kong dollarHKD8.31900.00000.0000 %
Croatian kunaCroatian kunaHRK7.45750.00000.0000 %
Hungarian forintHungarian forintHUF314.180.000.0000 %
Indonesian rupiahIndonesian rupiahIDR14,249.740.000.0000 %
Yemeni rialYemeni rialYER268.999430.000000.0000 %
Israeli new shekelIsraeli new shekelILS3.93660.00000.0000 %
Indian rupeeIndian rupeeINR69.11850.00000.0000 %
Iraqi dinarIraqi dinarIQD1,255.330650.000000.0000 %
Iranian rialIranian rialIRR34,816.364700.000000.0000 %
Iceland kronaIceland kronaISK120.598720.000000.0000 %
Jordanian dinarJordanian dinarJOD0.761900.000000.0000 %
Japanese yenJapanese yenJPY116.720.000.0000 %
Kenyan shillingKenyan shillingKES110.606550.000000.0000 %
Kyrghyzstan somKyrghyzstan somKGS73.650000.000000.0000 %
South Korean wonSouth Korean wonKRW1, %
Kuwaiti dinarKuwaiti dinarKWD0.327260.000000.0000 %
Kazakhstan tengeKazakhstan tengeKZT338.396980.000000.0000 %
Lebanese poundLebanese poundLBP1,617.755030.000000.0000 %
Sri Lanka rupeeSri Lanka rupeeLKR163.225200.000000.0000 %
Moroccan dirhamMoroccan dirhamMAD10.748700.000000.0000 %
Moldovan leuMoldovan leuMDL20.913230.000000.0000 %
Malagasy ariaryMalagasy ariaryMGA3,456.723150.000000.0000 %
Malaysian ringgitMalaysian ringgitMYR4.70610.00000.0000 %
Macedonian denarMacedonian denarMKD61.574560.000000.0000 %
Mongolia tugrikMongolia tugrikMNT2,635.227900.000000.0000 %
Mauritius rupeeMauritius rupeeMUR37.906910.000000.0000 %
Mexican pesoMexican pesoMXN20.14590.00000.0000 %
Mozambique meticalMozambique meticalMZN71.910370.000000.0000 %
NairaNairaNGN337.994290.000000.0000 %
Norwegian kroneNorwegian kroneNOK9.24780.00000.0000 %
New Zealand dollarNew Zealand dollarNZD1.52770.00000.0000 %
Panamanian balboaPanamanian balboaPAB1.073850.000000.0000 %
Peruvian nuevo solPeruvian nuevo solPEN3.482820.000000.0000 %
Philippine pesoPhilippine pesoPHP53.3060.0000.0000 %
Pakistan rupeePakistan rupeePKR112.552900.000000.0000 %
Polish zlotyPolish zlotyPLN4.27270.00000.0000 %
Qatari rialQatari rialQAR3.910320.000000.0000 %
Romanian leuRomanian leuRON4.54370.00000.0000 %
Serbian dinarSerbian dinarRSD123.986720.000000.0000 %
Russian rubleRussian rubleRUB60.25650.00000.0000 %
Saudi riyalSaudi riyalSAR4.027100.000000.0000 %
Swedish kronaSwedish kronaSEK9.63900.00000.0000 %
Singapore dollarSingapore dollarSGD1.49480.00000.0000 %
Syrian poundSyrian poundSYP553.354910.000000.0000 %
Thai bahtThai bahtTHB36.7900.0000.0000 %
Tajikistan somoniTajikistan somoniTJS8.892550.000000.0000 %
Turkmenistan new manatTurkmenistan new manatTMT3.752570.000000.0000 %
Tunisian dinarTunisian dinarTND2.439040.000000.0000 %
Turkish liraTurkish liraTRY3.90010.00000.0000 %
Taiwan new dollarTaiwan new dollarTWD32.548930.000000.0000 %
Tanzanian shillingTanzanian shillingTZS2,397.907050.000000.0000 %
Ukrainian hryvniaUkrainian hryvniaUAH28.967100.000000.0000 %
Peso UruguayoPeso UruguayoUYU30.567140.000000.0000 %
US dollarUS dollarUSD1.06980.00000.0000 %
Uzbekistan sumUzbekistan sumUZS3,860.512230.000000.0000 %
Strong Venezuelan bolivarStrong Venezuelan bolivarVEF10.727820.000000.0000 %
Vietnamese dongVietnamese dongVND24,451.564500.000000.0000 %
CFA franc BEACCFA franc BEAC*XAF*660.546610.000000.0000 %
CFA franc BCEAOCFA franc BCEAO**XOF**660.546610.000000.0000 %
South African randSouth African randZAR14.05870.00000.0000 %

* Cameroon, the Central African republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon.
** Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d‘Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo.
Updated 21/04/2017