Financial brokerage companies

Atonline Ltd
Credit Agricole Luxembourg Conseil
Hargreaves & Jones Ltd
Pahjola Corporate Finance Oy (Pahjola Corporate Finance Ltd.)
Peter Hoare & Company (Insurance) Brokers Ltd
1OAK Capital Limited
360 Treasury Systems AG
3D Global Financial Services Ltd
3i Europe Plc
42 financial services s.r.o.
7Q Financial Services Ltd
A K Jensen Limited
A-Conversio Capital Ltd
A.J.K. Wealth Management Limited
A.T.I. Associates (Cyprus) Ltd
A&M Financial Services Ltd
AA Advisers LLP
Aaron Towny Mortgages Limited
Abacus Investment Solutions Ltd
Aberdeen Property Investors Corporate ASA
ABG Sundal Collier Norge ASA
ABG Sundal Collier Partners LLP
ABN AMRO Asset Management (Netherlands) B.V.
Abraaj Investor Coverage (UK) Limited
Abshire-Smith Ltd
Abundance NRG Ltd
ACA Capital Management (U.K.) Pte.Limited
Acadian Asset Management (UK) Limited
Acanthus Advisers Privare Equity Limited
Acceleris Limited
Access Equity Management Limited
Accola Capital LLP
ACM Markets Limited
ACPI Investments Limited
Acsel Advisor Ltd
Active Wealth Management Limited
ActivTrades Limited
Activtrades Plc.
Ad Majora Consulting Limited
AD Valorem Wealth Management LLP
Addax Capital LLP
ADG Capital Management LLP
Admiral Markets AS
Admiral Markets UK Ltd
Admirallex Ltd
Advicorp Public Limited Company
AE Capital Advisors Ltd
AE Global Investment Solutions Limited
AES Financial Services Ltd
Aespen B.V.
Aetos Capital Group (UK) Limited
Affiliated Managers Group Limited
Affluent Financial Planning Ltd
AFH Independent Financial Services Ltd
African Capital Investments Limited
AFX Capital Markets Ltd
AFX Markets Limited
Agasti Wunderlich Capital Markets AS
Agency Partners LLP
AGFE Limited
Agora Microfinance Partners LLP
AHV Associate LLP
AIB Capital Markets plc
AIB Corporate Finance Limited
Ayondo Markets Limited
Aitken Advisors LLP
Aksia Europe Limited
Alan Boswell & Company Limited
Alan Steel Asset Management Ltd
Albert & Partner S.A.
Albourne Partners Limited
Alcantara Asset Management LLP
Alceda UK Limited
Alecto Financial Limited
Alexander David Securities Limited
Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd
Alfa Trade
Algo Capital Management Limited
Alinda Capital LLP
All Energy Trading B.V.
All Options International B. V.
All Securities B.V.
Allegra Asset Management (UK) Limited
Allen & Company Advisory UK LLP
Allianz Risk Transfer (UK) Limited
Allianz Specialised Investments Limited
Allium Capital Ltd
Alpari (UK) Ltd
Alpari Financial Services Ltd
Alpcot Capital Management Ltd
Alpha Capital Markets Plc
Alpha Diversity Limited
Alpha-UCITS Ltd
Alphabet Capital Advisors Ltd
Alps F S Limited
Alquity Investment Management Limited
Altana Wealth Limited
Alternatives St James LLP
Altius Associates Ltd
Altorfer Financial Management Limited
Altruid Systems Limited
Alvarez & Marsal FS Europe Limited
Alvine Capital Management Ltd
Amagis Capital Partners LLP
Amala Partners LLP
Amana Capital (Cyprus)Ltd
Amber Fondsmæglerselskab A/S
Amenda Markets AS IBS
American Century Investment Management (UK) Limited
AMG Kapital Limited
Amias Berman & Co LLP
Amsterdams Effectenkantoor B.V.
Ancala Partners LLP
Ancora Finance LLP
Andrew Hill Ltd
Andurance Ventures LLP
Anglo Irish Bank (Austria) AG
Annandale Financial Services
Anvil Partners LLP
Aon Benfield Securities Limited
Aperios Partners LLP
Aravis Partners LLP
Arch Financial Products LLP
Arctic Capital Partners AS
Arctic Fund Management AS
Arctic Securities ASA
Arden Partners Plc
Ares Management Limited
Argyle Consulting Ltd
Argo Securities
Argus Stockbrokers Ltd
Arian Financial LLP
Ariya Capital LLP
ARJ (Europe) Ltd
Armajaro Asset Management LLP
Armajaro Securities Limited
Armstrong Davis Ltd
Arrowbridge Capital Limited
Arrowstreet Capital Europe Limited
Asante Capital Group LLP
Ascension Securities Ltd
Ashcourt Rowan Asset Management Limited
Ashcourt Rowan Financial Planning Limited
Ashmore Investment Management Limited
Aspinall Financial Management Limited
Aspinalls Family Office LLP
Asset Management Advisory Services (AMASS) Limited
ATC Brokers Limited
Atkins Bland Limited
Atlantic Alliance Ltd
Atlantic Capital Limited
Atlantic Securities Ltd
Atlantis Capital Management Limited
Atlas Partners LLP
Aubrey Capital management Limited
Auriel Capital Management LLP
Aurum Funds Limited
Autumn Capital Partners LLP
AuxiSolid B. V.
AVA Trade EU Limited
Ava Trade Ltd
Avendus Capital (UK) Private Ltd
Aviva Investors Global Services Limited
Axia Ventures Group Ltd
AxiCorp Limited
Azure Wealth LLP
B.O. Tradefinancials Ltd
Bain Capital Europe LLP
Balfour beatty Infrastructure Partners LLP
Ballance Advisors UK Limited
Balrath Capital Ltd
Bank of China International (UK) Limited
Bank of Ireland Corporate Finance Limited
Bankhouse Financial Management Ltd
Barclays Capital Securities Limited
Barclays Sharedealing
Barclays Stockbrokers Limited
Barker Financial Associates
Barmac Asset Management Ltd
Barnard Jacobs Mellet (UK) Limited
Barratt & Cooke Limited
Bastion Capital London Limited
BCB & Partners SA
Bdswiss Holding Plc
Beach Horizon LLP
Beach Point Capital Europe LLP
Beacon Wealth Management Limited
Bechtel Financing Services Limited
Bell Capital Partners LLP
Beltone Financial (UK) LLP
Bentley Jennison Financial Management Limited
Bentley-Leek Financial Management Limited
Berben's Effectenkantoor B.V.
Berkeley Futures Limited
Berkeley Morgan Ltd
Bernstein Bank GmbH
Best of Breed
Best Practice IFA Group Ltd
Bestinvest (Brokers) Limited
Beta 2 Limited
Beta Securities SA
BGC Brokers L.P.
BGC International (fomerly Cantor Fitzgerald International)
BidRoute Limited
Byhiras (Europe) Ltd
Binary Investments (Europe) LTD
Birchwood Investment Management Limited
Byrne Willimas Limited
Bivouac Capital LLP
BlackCat Capital Partners LLP
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited
Blackstone Moregate Limited
Blacktower Financial Advisers Ltd
Blackwell Global Investments (Cyprus) Ltd
Blenheim Capital Services Ltd
BLF Global Asset Management Ltd
Bloomberg Tradebook Europe Limited
Bloomberg Trading Facility Limited
Blue Sky Group B.V.
Bluefin Europe LLP
Bluefin Wealth Management Limited
Bluefin Wealth Management Limited
BMO Capital Markets Limited
BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited
BNP Paribas Arbitrage
BNP Paribas Commodity Future Ltd
BNP PARIBAS Equities France
BNP Paribas Investment Partners UK
BNP Paribas UK Limited
Boer & Olij Effectenhuis
Bohler Asset Management Limited
Bolt Markets Limited
Bordier International Limited
Boston and Alexander LLP
Boston Prime Limited
Bottriell Adams LLP
Bourne Independant Financial Advisers Limited
Bourne Park Capital Limited
Bradbury Hamilton Limited
Bradesco Securities UK Limited
Braemar Futures Limited
Brains Inc Limited
Bramshott Capital LLP
Brandes Investment Partners (Europe) Limited
Braveheart Financial Services Limited
Brennus Asset Management Limited
Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP
Brewin Dolphin Limited
Brian J Hyman (Life & Pensions) Limited
BriceAmery Capital Ltd
Bridgewell Limited
Britannic Energy Trading Limited
Britannic Trading Ltd
British Independent Utilities
Broadgate Mercury Limited
BrokerCreditService (Cyprus) Limited
Brookfield Investment Management (UK) Limited
Brookfield Private Advisors LLP
Brooks Macdonald Asset Management Limited
Brown Advisory Limited
Brown Shipley & Co Limited
Brown Vanneck Partners LLP
Brunning Newman Houghton Limited
BTG Pactual Europe LLP
BTIG Limited
Bulkara Capital LLP
Bullman Investment Management LLP
Burton Court capital Advisors (UK) Ltd
Butler Toll Ltd
C B Financial Services Limited
Cadogan Securities LLP
Cadwyn Capital LLP
Caisson Investment Management Partners LLP
Cayuga Capital Partners LLP
Calamos International LLP
Calkin Pattinson & Company Limited
Challenger Management Services (UK) Limited
Cambria Ltd
Cambridge Capital Management LLP
Cambrigde Associates Ltd
Cambrige Associates Limited
Campbell & McConnachie
Campbell Luytens & Co. Limited
Campbell Thompson (Insurance Services) Ltd
Chancery Asset Management Limited
Channel Capital Advisors LLP
Cantor Fitzgerald Europe
Capella Securities Limited
Capita IRG Trustees Limited
Capital & Marketing International Ltd
Capital Advisory Partners Ltd
Capital Deposit Limited
Capital Generation Partners LLP
Capital Investment Advisors Limited_en
Capital Managers LLP
Capital Market Services UK Ltd
Capital Systematics Ltd
Capstan Capital Partners LLP
Capstone Investment Advisors (UK) Ltd
Carbon Financial Partners Ltd
CarbonDesk Ltd
Charcot Capital (UK) LLP
Cardale Financial Planing Ltd
Cargill Financial Services Europe Limited
Carl Kliem S.A. Luxembourg
Charles Stanley & Co Ltd
Charme Capital Partners Limited
Charter Financial Planning
Chartis Research Limited
Castelar Corporate Finance ASA
Castillon Capital LLP
Castle Hill Asset Management LLP
Castlegreen Partners LLP
Catalysis Capital Partners Limited
Catalyst Corporate Finance LLP
Catalyst Fund Management Limited
Catalyst Investment Group Limited
Cathedral Financial Management Ltd
Cazenove Capital Management Limited
CB Richard Ellis Indirect Investment Services Limited
CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Finance B.V.
CBA Europe Ltd
CBRE Clarion Securities UK Limited
CDK Investments LLP
CELF Advisors LLP
Chenavari Credit Partners LLP
Chenavari Financial Advisors Ltd
Centerboard Partners Ltd.
Centradia Limited
Central Markets (London) Limited
Centreview Partners UK LLP
Centrus Advisors LLP
Centurion Portfolio Managers Ltd
Cesco Investment Ltd
Chesterton House Financial Planning Ltd
CF Partners (UK) LLP
CFE (UK) Ltd
CFH Markets Limited
Cygnus Investment Management Limited
China Merchants Securities (UK) Limited
Circle Financial Services Limited
Circle Financial Services Ltd
Citi Capital Advisors Limited
City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd
City Fund Management Limited
City Index Limited
City of London Markets Limited
City&Trust Finance Ltd
Citigroup Global Markets Limited
Citigroup Global Markets Ltd
Clay Rogers and Partners Limited
Clarges Capital Limited
Clarion Partners Europe Ltd
Clarkson Investment Services Limited
Clarkson Securities Limited
Clarmond Wealth Limited
Clean Power Capital Limited
Cleaves Securities AS
Climate Change Capital Limited
Clipperton Finance Limited
Cluny Capital Limited
CMC Markets UK Plc
CMC Spreadbet Plc
CME Marketing Europe Limited
Cobra Financial Services Ltd
Code Advisors Limited
Cogent partners Europe LLP
Cogress Limited
Collabrium Investment Advisors LLP
Coller Capital Ltd
Colmex Pro Ltd
Columbus Frontiers LLP
CommexFX Ltd
Commonwealth Capital Management LLP
Computershare Investor Services plc
Concorde Consultants Ltd
Conning Asset Management Limited
Consero Capital LLP
Continuous Change Charts Ltd
Conv-Ex Advisors Limited
Cooper Parry Wealth Strategies Limited
Corbett Keeling Limited
Corporate FX+ Limited
Corsair Capital LLP
Courtiers Investment Services Limited
Covalis Capital LLP
Coventry Capital Ltd
Cowen International Limited
Cranbourne Financial LLP
CRE8 Partners Limited
Credit Agricole Cheuvreux International Limited
Credit Agricole Family Office Iberia
Credit Suisse Asset Management Limited
Credit Suisse International
Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Ltd
Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Ltd.
Creditex Brokerage LLP
Creditex International Limited
Chrystal Capital Partners LLP
Crystal Financial
Christofferson Robb@Company (UK) LLP
Crossbridge Capital Merchant Banking LLP
Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP
CRT International LLP
Cumberland Place Financial Management Limited
Currencies Direct Financial Markets Limited
Currensee Limited
Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker Finance Limited
Cutwater Asset Management UK Limited
CVC Capital Partners Limited
CVC Cordatus Investment Management Limited
D G Pryde Limited
Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited
Daniel Stewart & Company Plc
Darion Capital Management B.V.
Dartmoor Capital Management Limited
Davenport Financial Management Ltd
Davy Asset Management
Davy Corporate Finance
Daweda Exchange Limited
Dawnay Day Corporate Finance Limited
Dawnay Day Investment Banking Limited
Dawnay, Day Investment Banking Limited
DBJ Europe Limited
De Veste Vermogensbeheer B.V.
Deca Capital Partners LLP
Deepbrigde Capital LLP
DeGiro B.V.
DELFF Management Limited
Delhpi Securities Limited
Deloitte Investment Services Limited
Delphi Securities Limited
Delta Financial Markets Limited
Denholm Hall Capital Markets Limited
Denny Ellison Enterprises Limited
Denos Partners (UK) Limited (Tied Agent for Mirabella Financial Services LLP)
Deutsche Asset Management International GmbH
Deutsche Asset Management S.A.
Development Company for Israel (UK) Limited
deVere and Partners (UK) Limited
deVere and Partners (UK) Ltd
DIAM International Ltd
Diapason Commodities Management UK LLP
Dickson Financial Services Ltd
DIGI-Capital Limited
Dinosaur Securities (UK) Ltd
Dodge & Cox Worldwide Investments Ltd
Domino Europe Limited
Domius Capital Advisors LLP
DonauCapital Wertpapier AG
Doran Capital Partners (Europe) Ltd
Doric Partners LLP
Douglas Baillie Limited
DQN Global Capital Partners LLP
Dr Nicola Mallia
Dragon Capital (Cyprus) Limited
Dragon Options Ltd
Drawbridge (UK) LLP
Dresdner Van Moer Courtens
DTZ Investment Management Limited
DualEdge Capital Management LLP
Duet Alternative Investments (UK) Limited
Duet Private Equity Limited
Duff and Phelps Securities Limited
Dukascopy Europe IBS AS
Dutch Options and Futures Institute B.V.
E D & F Man Capital markets Limited
E J Glanville & Co (Investment Brokers) Limited
e-MID S.I.M. S.p.A.
E*Trade Securities Limited
Easy Forex Trading Limited
Eaton Partners (UK) LLP
EB Capital LLP
Ebrokers (UK) LLP
Ebullio Capital Management LLP
Eden Financial Limited
Edison Investment Research Limited
Edison Wealth Management Limited
EFG Asset Management (UK) Limited
EFG Financial Products (Europe) GmbH
EGR Brokers Limited
Egret Management LLP
Eiger Securities LLP
EIM (United Kingdom) Limited
EISER Infrastructure Partners LLP
Ekistics Property Advisors LLP
Elara Capital Plc
Elementary Financial Ltd
Elevation Trading Limited
Elgin (Europe) Limited
Elm Capital Associates Ltd
EM Quest Capital LLP
EM-ES Fund Management LLP
Emso Partners Limited
Enclude Capital Advisory UK Limited
Endurance Global Weather Risk Advisors Limited
Engelhard International Limited
Eos Wealth Management Limited
Epsilon Finance Caparcity Limited
Equico Europe Limited
Equities First (London) Limited
ERG Financial Planning Limited
Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG
Eseclending (Europe) Ltd
ESO Capital UK Limited
Ethos Partners Limited
eToro (UK) Ltd
Eurivex Ltd
EuroDekania Management Limited
Eurofin Capital Limited
EuroMTS Limited
Euronova Asset Management UK LLP
Europa Partners Limited
European Capital Markets Limited
European Fund Services S. A.
Evercore Partners International LLP
Everest Index Ltd
Evolution Markets Limited
Evolution Securites China Ltd
Evolution Securities Limited
EWM Capital Limited
Exane Ltd
Exante Limited
Executive Benefit Consultancy Limited
Exness (Cy) Ltd
Exotix Limited
F.A. Watts (Investment Managers) Limited
Face to face Finance (Anglia) Limited
Fair Oaks Capital Ltd
Falcon Money Management LLP
Farley & Thompson LLP
Fazenda Securities ASA
FCStone Commodity Services (Europe) Ltd
Fearnely Fonds ASA
FIBO Group Holdings Ltd
Fidante Partners (UK&Europe) Limited
Fidelity Pensions Management
Fidelius Limited
Fiducia Wealth Management Limited
FIL (Luxembourg) S.A.
FIL Investments International
Financial & General Securities Ltd
Financial Advice and Services Ltd
Financial limited
Financial Page Ltd
Financial Relationship LLP
Financial Strategies (North) Ltd
Finesco Financial Services Limited
Finex LLP
Finotec Trading UK Limited
Fintailor Investments Ltd
Fir Post Capital London LLP
Firerush Ventures No.3 LP
First Avenue Partners LLP
First Capital Asset Managers B.V.
First Capital Corporation Limited
First International Group Plc
First Property Asset Management Ltd
First Reserve International Limited
FirstEnergy Capital LLP
Fiscal House Limited
Fischer Francis Trees & Watts UK Limited
Fischer Partners Fondkommission AB
Fiske Plc
Fitzallan Ltd
Fix City Ltd
Fleming Financial Ltd
Floreat (UK) Limited
Flow Traders B.V.
FMG Eurasia Ltd
Fogwill Jones Asset Management Ltd
Forex Capital Markets Ltd
Forexmax Limited
Forextime Ltd
Formation Asset Management Limited
Fortrade Limited
Fortress Placement Services (UK) Ltd
Foster Denovo Limited
Fox-Pitt, Kelton Limited
FPP Asset management LLP
FQS Capital Partners LLP
Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited
Fraser Mackinlay Investment Services Ltd
Freight Investor Services Limited
Frogmore Real Estate Partners Fund Managers Ltd
FT World Limited
FTI Financial Services Ltd
Full Circle Asset Management Limited
Fundsmith LLP
Fusion Asset Management LLP
Future Solutions Financial Consulting Limited
Future Value Capital LLP Ltd
FX Alliance Limited
FX Central Clearing Ltd
FX Dialogue Limited
FX Global Markets (FXGM) Ltd
FX Open Ltd
FX Stat Limited
FXCM Securities Limited
FXGlobe Limited
FXPRO Financial Services Ltd
FXPRO UK Limited
Gain Capital – Forex.Com UK Limited
Gallagher Benefits Consulting Limited
Gallagher Risk & Reward Limited
GAMCO Asset Management (UK) Limited
Gamma Finance LLP
Gatemore Capital Management LLP
Gauss Investments Limited
GBE Brokers Ltd
GCA Savvian Europe Limited
GDF Suez trading
GE Capital Limited
GECX Group Limited
Gee&Watson Investment and Persions Ltd
GEM Capital Investment Group Ltd
Gemini Investment Management Ltd
Geneve Invest (Europe) S.a.r.l.
GFI Brokers Limited
GFI Securities Limited
GFT Global Markets UK Limited
Gibro Wealth Limited
GILD Financial Advisory Services
Glas Securities Limited
Glitnir Bank Ltd
Global Coal Limited
Global Custodial Services Ltd
Global Infrastructure Management LLP
Global Leisure Partners LLP
Global Prime Partners Limited
Globe Independent Financial Advisors Ltd
GMP Securities Europe Limited
Go4Venture Advisers LLP
Goldbridge Capital Partners LLP
Goldenburg Group Limited
GoldenTree Asset Management UK LLP
Goldentree Insite Partners (UK) LLP
Goldenway Global Investments (UK) Limited
Goldman Sachs Asset Management International
Goldman Sachs International
Goodman operator (uk) Ltd
Gore Browne Investment Management LLP
Governance for Owners LLP
GPB Financial Services Ltd
GPT Halverton Financial Services Limited
GR-NEAM Limited
Gracechurch Investments Ltd
Grafton Securities Limited
Grayside Limited
Gramercy Limited
Granite Capital Limited
Grant Thornton Employee Benefits Consultancy LLP
Granular Investments Limited
Greater Pacific Capital LLP
Green Ash Partners LLP
Green Street Capital Limited
Greenpark Capital Limited
GreenStream Network Plc
Gregory Adam Financial Management
Grierson Dickens Ltd
Griffin Markets Limited
Grisons Peak LLP
Growell Capital Limited
Guardian Capital Limited
Guardian Stockbrokers Limited
Guardian Wealth Management Limited
Gugenheim Partners Europe Limited
Guggenheim Investment Advisors (Europe) Limited
Guggenheim Partners Europe Limited
Guy Butler Limited
Guild Global Securities Limited
Gulf Central Agency Asset Management Ltd
Gulf Merchant Group LLP
Gulliver FX Limited
Guzman & Company (Europe) Ltd
GWT Fondsmaeglerselskab A/S
H2O Markets Limited
H2W Partners LLP
Hadrian‘s Wall Capital Limited
Hadwin Garrick Capital Partners LLP
Halcyon Commodities (UK) Limited
Halewood International Futures
Halkin Investments LLP
Hamilton Lane (UK) Limited
HAMILTON Tőzsdeügynökség Zrt.
Hammond Raggett & Co Ltd
Hanfore Capital Limited
Hannah Consultancy Limited
Hantec Markets Limited
Harbour Vest Partners (U.K) Limited
Hargreave Hale Limited
Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management Limited
Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers Limited
Harrogate Financial Solutions Limited
Hatch Corporate Finance
Hawker & Palmer IFA LLP
Hawkwood Capital LLP
HB Corporate Ltd
HCM (UK) Limited
HD Capital Partners LLP
Heitman U.K. Limited
Helix Associates Ltd
Helm Godfrey Partners Ltd
Henderson Rowe Ltd
Hereford Pension Investment and Mortgage Centre LLP
Hexam Capital Partners Limited Liability Partnership
HF Markets (Europe) Ltd
HFR Asset Management U.K. Limited
Hyde Park Investment Ltd
HighBreed Capital Limited
Highbridge Capital Management (UK) Ltd
Highbridge Principal Strategies (UK) LLP
Highgate Investment Management LLP
Highland Capital Partners (UK) Management Ltd.
Hilltop Fund Management LLP
Hines Europe Real Estate Investments Limited
Hirose Financial UK Limited
Hoare Capital Markets LLP
Hoch Capital Ltd
Hogg Capital Investments Limited
Holland Hahn & Wills
Horizon Stockbroking Limited
Hotspot FXI Europe Limited
Houlihan Lokey (Europe) Limited
Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin (Europe) Ltd
HPZ.3 Limited
HSBC Alternative Investment Limited
HSBC Global Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH
HSH Corporate Finance Oy
Hub Capital Limited
Huckleberry Investments LLP
Hudson Advisors UK Limited
Hughes Carne Independent Financial Advisers Ltd
Hume Capital Securities plc
Hutchison & White Limited
IBI Corporate Finance Limited
ICAP Electronic Broking Limited
ICAP Energy AS
ICAP Europe Limited
ICAP Global Derivatives Limited
ICAP Hyde Limited
ICAP Securities Limited
ICAP Shipping Tanker Derivatives Limited
Ice Dragons Limited
ICE Futures Europe
ICE Markets Limited
Ice Processing International Limited
ICF Management Ltd
ICM Capital Limited
iCON Infrastructure LLP
Icora Partners Limited
IFG Financial Services
iFOREX (Cyprus) Ltd
IFX Markets Ltd
IG Index plc
IG Markets Limited
IIFL Wealth (UK) Limited
IK Investment Partners Ltd
Ikon Finance Limited
IND-X Securities Limited
Independence Wealth Management Limited
Independent Financial Advisor Ltd.
Independent Financial Services 4 You Ltd
Independent Franchise Partners LLP
Independent Mutual Ltd
Independent Risk Management Solution Limited
Indication Investments Ltd
Indicus Advisors LLP
Indigo Securities Limited
Industry Funds Management (UK) Ltd
Infin Markets Limited
Infina Investments (Cyprus) Limited
ING AM Insurance Companies B.V.
Ingenious Asset Management Limited
Ingenious Corporate Finance Limited
Innovator Capital Limited
Insight Investment Management (Global) Limited
Insinger de Beaufort
Instinet Europe Limited
Integra Private Wealth Limited
Integradvisory Ltd
Integral Asset Management Ltd
Integrated Financial Arrangements Plc
Intelligent Pensions Ltd
Interactive Brokers (UK) Ltd
Interactive Data Desktop Solutions (Europe) Limited
Interc Consultancy Partners UK
International Startegy&Investment (UK) Limited
Internos Real Limited
INTL FCStone (Europe) Ltd
Intrinsic Financial Planning Limited
Investec Asset Management Limited
Investec Investment Management Limited
Investment Limited
Investment Quorum Limited
Investment Technology Group Europe Limited
Investment Technology Group Limited
Invicta Securities Limited
Youtrade Capital Markets Limited
IRIS Advisory Ltd
Irish Progressive Services International Limited
IronFX Financial Services Ltd
ISM Capital LLP
iSwap Euro Limited
YTF Trade Limited
IUR Capital Ltd
Ivy Asset Management (UK) Limited
IWC Investment Partners Fondsmæglerselskab A/S
J M Finn & Co Ltd
J M Taylor Ltd
J Stern & Co. LLP
J. P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management
J. P. Morgan Plc.
J.P. Morgan Asset Management (UK) Limited
J.P. Morgan Limited
J.P. Morgan Markets Limited
J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd
J&E Davy t/a Davy
Jackdaw Capital LLP
James Hallam Limited
James Hambro&Partners LLP
Jane Street Financial Ltd
Janus Capital International Limited
JCI Capital Limited
Jefferies International Limited
Jefferies Investment Management Limited
JFD Brokers Ltd
Jiffix Markets Ltd
Jyske Global Asset Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A/S
JLT Advisory Limited
JLT Benefit Solutions Limited
JMFinn Capital Markets Limited
John Eames Ltd
John Lamb LLP
Jones Sheridan Financial Consulting Ltd
Jonh Lamb Partnership Ltd
Joseph R.Lamb IFA Ltd
JP Morgan Cazenove Limited
JPM Asset Management Limited
JPMorgan Asset Managemet (UK) Limited
Jubilee Financial Products LLP
Julius Baer International Limited
Juniper Place LLP
K C Partners LLP
K.J.W. Krisworld Development Ltd
KAB Strategy (Cyprus) Limited
Karoo Capital Ltd
Katmai Capital Advisors Ltd
Kaupthing Singer&Friedlander Capital Markets Limited
KBC Securities NV
KDB Bank (Magyarország) Zrt.
KDC (UK) Limited
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Limited
Key To Markets Limited
Keyte Limited
Kellands Cotswolds LLP
Kenmar Global Investment Management (UK) Limited
Kenz Capital LLP
Keplero Holdings Limited
Kerr Henderson (Financial Services) Limited
Kinetix Corporate Finance LLP
Kingdom Futures Limited
Kyte Broking Limited
Kyte Broking Ltd
Kyte Group Ltd
KKR Asset Management Limited
KKR Capital Markets Limited
KNG Securities LLP
Knight Assets & Co. LLP
Knight Capital Europe Limited
Kobalt Capital Limited
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co Limited
Kotikos Advisory Ltd
Kroll Talbot Hugdes Ltd
Kubera Wealth Limited
L J Financial Planning Ltd
La Cloche Capital Markets Limited
Landmark Financial Ltd
Landmark Partners Europe Ltd
Landsbanki Securities (UK) Limited
LaSalle Investment Management
Latam Financial Services Limited
Laver Financial Ltd
Lazard&Co Limited
Lazuli Partners LLP
LBHI Estates Limited
LCF Edmond De Rothschild Securities Limited
LCM Commodities UK LLP
LD Capital Limited
Leadcapital Markets Ltd
LEAP Energy Ltd
Leedham Independent Financial Advisers Limited
Lehman Brothers Asset Management
Lehman Brothers International (Europe)
Leighton Brothers Limited
Lek Securities UK Limited
Leverate Financial Services Ltd
Lexicon Partners Limited
LFF Real Estate Partners UK Finance Limited
LGT Bank (Österreich) AG
LGT Capital Management AG, Vaduz
LGT Capital Partners (UK) Limited
Liberty Options LLP
Liberum Capital Limited
LIFFE Administration and Management
Lighthouse press Limited
Lincoln Private Investment Office LLP
Lincoln Vale LLP
Linx Limited
Liongate Capital Management LLP
Liqiuid Trading Institutional LLP
Liquidity Finance LLP
LiquidityEdge UK Limited
Liquidnet Europe Limited
Lyxor Asset Management UK LLP
LJ Financial Planning Limited
LL Capital & Partners Limited
Lloyd Baughan LLP
LLP Capital & Partners Limited
LMAX Limited
Logic Investments Limited
Lombard Odier Asset Management (Europe) Limited
Lombard Street Research Financial Services Limited
London Asset Management Limited
London Brigde Capital Ltd
London Capital Group Ltd
London International Brokers Limited
London International Corporation Limited
London Investment Consultans LLP
London Stock Exchange
Lonsdale Financial Consulting Limited
Loomis Sayles Investments Limited
Lord North Street Limited
Lothbury Associates Ltd
Louis Capital FX LLP
Louis Capital Markets UK LLP
Lovewell Blake Financial Planning Ltd
Lowes Financial Management Limited
Lux Finance Ltd
M&L Invest Union Markets Ltd
Macquarie Bank International Limited
Macquarie Capital (Europe) Limited
Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (Europe) Limited
Maestro Financial Services Ltd
Magill & Company Ltd
Magna Capital Limited
Mako Financial Markets Partnership LLP
Mako Investment Managers LLP
Man Investments Ltd
MangustaRisk Limited
Mansford Capital Limited
Mansion House Securities
Manulife Asset Management (Europe) Limited
Marcuard Cyprus Ltd
Marfin Capital Partners (Cyprus) Limited
Marguerite Adviser S.A.
Mariana Capital Markets Limited
Mariana Capital Markets LLP
Mariner Europe Limited
MarketAxess Capital Limited
MarketAxess Europe Limited
Marketspreads Limited
Marks Baughan Securities UK LLP
Marlborough Investment Management Limited
Marshall Wace LLP
Martin Aitken Financial Services Ltd
Matheson Financial Consulting Limited
Matrix Alternative Asset Management LLP
Matrix Money Management Limited
Maven Global LLP
Mazuma Capital UK Limited
MB Capital Limited
MBG Europe Limited
MBT Financial UK Limited
MC Capital Ltd
MCA Intelifunds Ltd
McParland & Partners Limited
Medici Advisors Ltd
Mediterranean Bank plc (MB)
Medvešek Pušnik, borzno posredniška hiša, d.d., Ljubljana
Mega Equity and Financial Services Public Ltd
Menostar Asset Management Limited
Merchant Capital Limited
Merchant Securities Limited
Mercer Limited
Mercury Capital Advisors LLP
Merian Capital Partners LLP
Meridian Financial Management Limited
MeritKapital Limited
MeritKapital UK Limited
Merlin Financial Consultants Ltd
Merlin Partners LLP
Merrill Lynch (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l.
Merrill Lynch Commodities (Europe) Ltd
Merrill Lynch International
Merrill Lynch Portfolio Managers Limited
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner&Smith Limited
Mesirow Financial International UK Ltd
MET Asset Management UK LLP
Meteor Asset Management Limited
Methexis Capital Advisors LLP
MetLife Investment Management Umited (MIML)
MF Global UK Limited
MGPA (Europe) Limited
My Treasury Limited
Michael Robinson Associates Limited
MIG Capital (Europe) Limited
Milliman Financial Strategies Limited
Millington Advisory Partners Ltd
Mint Financial (UK) Limited
MIO Partners (EU) Limited
Mirabella Advisers LLP
Mirabella Financial Services LLP
Mirae Asset Global Investment Management (UK) Limited
MIS Brokers Limited
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust International Ltd
Mitsui Bussan Commodities Ltd
ML Capital Ltd
MMC Securities (Europe) Limited_en
Molton Street Capital LLP
Monarch Alternative Capital (Europe) Limited
Monecor (London) Limited
Money Wise Independent Financial Advisers Limited
Moneycorp Financial Risk Management Limited
Monex Europe Markets Limited
Monmouthshire Independent Financial Advisers Limited
Montfort International Limited
Monument Securities Ltd
Moor Park Capital Partners LLP
Moore Services
Moore Stephens Bath Limited
Mooreland Partners LLP
Moorgate Capital Advisors Limited
Morfitt & Turnbull (MS)Ltd
Morgan Stanley & Co Limited
Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc
Morgan Stanley Investment Management Ltd
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Limited
Morgan Stanley Securities Limited
Morgans Insurance Broking Ltd
Morton Financial Services Ltd
Morton-Wilson Limited
Mount Sterling Wealth Limited
Mountgrange Fund Management Limited
Mourant&Co Capital Trustees Ltd
MPF Global Markets Ltd
MPGA (UK) Limited
MSD Capital (Europe) LLP
MTS Assiciated Markets
Muirfield Partnership Ltd
Mummert & Company Limited
MVA Holdings Limited
N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd
NAB Europe Limited
Nasdaq Broker Services Aktiebolag
Natixis Capital Partners Limited
Natixis Commodity Markets Limited
NAU Securities Limited
Navigant Capital Markets Advisers Limited
NBI Investments LTD
NCI Finance Ltd
NCM Finance Limited
Negentropy Capital Partners LLP
Nemesis Asset Management LLP
Neonet Securities AB
NEP Partners LLP
Netwealth Investments Limited
Neuberger Berman Europe Limited
Nevastar Finance Ltd
Nevett & Taylor Limited
New Boston Partners Ltd
New College Capital Limited
New Europe Advisers Limited
Newedge UK Financial Limited
Newstate Partners LLP
Nexus Capital Limited
NIBC Markets B.V.
Nyenburgh Vermogensbeheer B.V.
Nyfix International Limited
Nineveh Advisory Ltd
Noah Capital Markets (EMEA) Limited
Noble Marketing & Trading Limited
Nolan, Baptist&Bond Independent Financial Advisers
Nomura Asset Management UK Ltd
Nomura Code Securities Limited
Nomura International plc
Normura International Plc
North Sea Partners LLP
Northern Lights Alternative Advisors LLP
Northern Trust Global Investments Limited
Northleaf Capital Partners (UK) Limited
Northumbrian Financial Ltd
Noventus Partners Ltd.
Novox Capital Ltd
Novus Capital Markets Limited
Nplus1Brewin LLP
Numis Securities Limited
Numisma Capital Ltd
O'Halloran & Co
Oak Hill Advisors LLP
OANDA Europe Limited
Oasis Crescent Advisory Services (UK) Limited
OCM Wealth Management Ltd
Ochre Securities Limited
Octave Investment Management LLP
Odey Wealth Management (UK) Limited
Old Mutual Asset Managers (UK) Limited
Old Park Capital Limited
Olympia Capital Management Limited
Olivetree Securities Limited
Omada Investment Management Limited
Omagis Capital Limited
Omega Funds Investment Ltd
Omicron Invest Management GmbH
One Plus Capital Ltd
ontionsXpress Europe B.V.
Oppenheimer EU Ltd
Optex Group Limited
Optimus Capital LLP
Optionrally Financial Services Ltd
Opus Corporate Finance LLP
Orbis Investment Advisory Ltd
Orbit Investment Securities Services Plc
Orchard House (IFAs) Ltd
Orchestra Finance LLP
Oriel Asset Management LLP
Oriel Securities Limited
Origen Financial Services Limited
Orion Capital Managers LLP
Orkla Finans Kapitalforvaltning ASA
Orwell Capital Partners LLP
Osmosis Investment Management LLP
Otkritie Capital International Limited
Otkritie Capital International Limited
Otkritie Finance (Cyprus) Ltd
OTP Bank Nyrt.
Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd
Overture Capital Markets Limited
Ovington Financial Partners Limited
PA Strategy Partners Limited
Pactum Asset Management Limited
Page Russell Limited
Palatium Investment Management Limited
Palmer Capital LLP
Panaxia Capital Management LLP
Pangea Property Partners AS
Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited
Paradigm Financial Advisers Ltd
Paradigm Norton Financial Planning Ltd
Paramount Financial Services Ltd
Pareto Financial Planning Limited
Pareto Investment Managment Limited
Pareto Private Equity AS
Pareto Securities ASA
Parish Capital Advisors Europe LLP
Park Hill Real Estate Group
Park Town Asset Management LLP
Park Walk Capital Ltd.
Partners Group (UK) Limited
Partridge Muir Warren Ltd
Parus Finance (UK) Limited
Pasternak Holdings Limited
Pathway Capital Management (UK) Ltd
Pave Financial Management Ltd
PB Financial Plannig Ltd
Peak Capital Advisors LLP
Pearson Jones Plc
Pegasus Capital LLP
Pembroke Capital Advosors Ltd
Pershing Securities Limited
Perspective Financial Management Limited
PFS Asset Management Ltd
PGD Strategy Limited
Pharo Management (UK) LLP
Phibro Futures and Metals Limited
Philip J Milton & Company Plc
Philip T English International Financial Services Limited
Phoenix Partners Group LLP
Pier Financial
PIMCO Europe Ltd
Pine River Capital Management (UK) Ltd
Pine River Capital Partners (UK) LLP
PineBrigde Investments Europe Limited
Pinebrige Investments Europe Limited
Pinnacle International Markets LLP
Pioneer Global Investments Limited
Pioneer Investment Management Limited
Pioneer Point Partners LLP
Pipeline Financial Group Limited
Piper Jaffray Limited
Piton Capital LLP
PKF Financial Planning Limited
Plainfield Asset Management LLP
Plaro Limited
Plasma Enerprises Ltd
Platform One Limited
Platina Energy Partners LLP
Plus500CY Limited
Plus500UK Limited
PMB Capital Limited
PMT Matrix Capital Ltd
Port FX Limited
Portfoliometrix Asset Management Ltd
Portico Advisors LLP
Poten Capital Services (UK) Ltd
Power Capital Financial Trading (UK) limited
PQR Financial Planning Ltd
Prebon Marshall Yamane (UK) Limited
Premier Financial Solutions (UK) Limited
Prest Financial Services Ltd
Prestige Asset Management Limited
Price Information Advantage Limited
Prime Markets Limited
Priorfx Ltd
Prism Financial Products LLP
Privanet Securities Ltd
Prodigit Investments Ltd
Project Financing Solutions Limited
Promethion Ltd
PropertyBourse Limited
Prosdocimi Limited
Prospect Capital Limited
Prosperity (GB) Limited
Protorisk Limited
Providence Equity LLP
PSFM (City Assurance Consultants) Limited
Q Invesment Management & Advisory Ltd
Qatalyst Partners Limited
QBF Investment LTD
Quay Financials (Gibraltar) Limited
Quality Capital Management Limited
QW Capital LLP
R Capital Solutions Ltd
R.J. O‘Brien (UK) Limited
RAB Capital plc
Ragnar Capital Partners LLP
Raiffeisen International Fund Advisory GmbH
Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG
Raiffeisenbank Leoben-Bruck eGen
Raymond James Financial International Limited
Raymond James Investment Services Ltd
RAIT Securities (UK) Limited
Ralston Bennett Financial Planning Limited
Ramek Asset Management Limited
Ramius UK Ltd
Ranmore Fund Management Ltd
Rasini Fairway Capital Ltd
Rathbone Stockbrokers Limited
RCG Gain Limited
Rede Partners LLP
Redi & Partners Ltd
Redwood Business Insurance Services Ltd
Reeves Financial Planning Limited
Reeves Investment Management Limited
Regency Investment Services Limited
Regent IFA Services Ltd
Reliance Capital Asset Management (UK) PLC
Reliantco Investments Ltd
Renaissance Capital Limited
Renaissance Financial Services (Cyprus) Ltd'
Renaissance Institutional Management (UK) Ltd
Renaissance Investment Management (UK) Limited
Renaissance Wealth Management (Cyprus) Ltd
Renaissence Securities (Cyprus) Ltd'
Resolution Compliance Limited
RetailFX Ltd
Retirement Planning Associates Ltd
Reuters Transaction Services Limited
Reuters Transactions Services Limited
Revcap Advisors Limited
Revere Capital Advisors Limited
ReVysion LLP
RIA Capital Markets Limited
Richard Bamber & Company Ltd
Rice Whatmough Crozier LLP
Ridge Clearing Outsourcing Solutions Limited
Ridley Park Capital LLP
Rynda Property Investors LLP
RM Capital Markets Limited
RMG Holding Ltd
RNC Advisory LLP
Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.
Robeco Securities Lending B.V.
Robert Bruce Associates Limited Limited
Roboforex (Cy) Ltd
Rocheberie Consulting Limited
Rockfire Capital Limited
Rocksphere Capital Limited
Rodia Investments Limited
Royal Bank Of Canada Investment Management (UK) Limited
Rometsch & Moor Limited
RONIN Europe Limited
Ronin Trading UK LLP
Roodhals Capital Ltd
Rosette Merchant Bank LLP
RS Platou Financial Products LLP
RS Platou Finans Shipping AS
Rubicon Infrastrukture Advisors
Rutherford Capital Markets Limited
Rutherford Wilkinson Limited
RWE Trading Services GmbH
S. P. Angel Corporate Finance LLP
S3 Partners (UK) Limited
Sabre Fund Management Ltd
Sabrecorp Limited
Safecap Investments Ltd
Salamanca Capital Partners LLP
Salisbury Financial Services Limited
Salix Capital (UK) Limited
Samena Capital Management LLP
Sanford C. Bernstein Limited
Sankaty Advisors, Limited
Sanlam Private Wealth UK Limited
Sapia Partners LLP
Sapiance Capital Ltd
Sardis Capital Limited
Sares Invest B.V.
Sator Capital Limited
Save & Invest (Financial Planning) Ltd
Savills Capital Advisors Limited
Sawford Benedict Plc
SB Group (UK) LLP
Scarab Capital Partners LLP
Scio Capital LLP
Scotia Capital (Europe) Limited
Sea Port Group Securities (Europe) LLP
Seabury Securities (UK) Limited
Searchlight Capital Partners UK LLP
Seastar Management LLP
Secfinex Limited
Secondcap Limited
SECOR Investment Advisors (UK) LLP
Seilern Investment Management Ltd
Seymour Mullens & Company Limited
Sensus Capital Markets Limited
Sentry Select (UK) Limited
Sequoia Investment Management Company Limited
Seven Advisory Limited
Seven Star Brokers Ltd
Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited
Shinsei International Limited
Shooters Hill Capital Partners LLP
Shore Capital Stockbrokers Ltd
Short Partners LLP
Sigma Broking Limited
Sigma Fund Management LLP
Signet Capital Management Ltd
Siguler Guff UK LLP
Silk Invest Limited
Sylkes Limited
Silkroutefinancial (UK) Limited
Silverwind Securities Limited
Silvia Quandt & Cie Limited
Sirio Financial Advisory Ltd
Sirius Equity LLP
Systrade AG
Skybound Capital Uk Ltd
Skillcapital Associates LLP
Skopalino Finance Limited
SL Investment Management Limited
Smart Live Financial Services Ltd
SMBC Derivative Products Limited
SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Limited
Smith & Pinching Financial Services Ltd
Smith&Williamson Financial Services Limited
Smith&Williamson Investment Management LLP
Smythe House Limited
SN Financials Ltd
Solid Financial Services Ltd
Solidus Oy
Solidus Securities Cyprus Ltd
Solum Financial Partners LLP
Sonaf Business Ltd
Source UK Services Ltd
Sourcecap International Limited
Southey Capital Ltd
SPA Financial Services Ltd
Spayne Lindsay & Co. LLP
Specialist Solutions Plc
Spectron Energy Services Limited
Spence and Spence Limited
Spire Europe Limited
Spread Co Limited
Square Capital LLP
Square Global Markets LLP
Squawker Ltd
SRP Risk & Finance LLP
SSE Trading Limited
SSY Futures Limited
St Helen's Capital Plc
St Johns Asset Management Limited
Stamford Associates Limited
Stamford Partners Limited
Standard Life Investments Limited
Standard Life Wealth Limited
Stark Investments (UK) LLP
State Street Global Advisors Limited
State Street Global Markets International
SteelRock Limited
Stella Capital Advisors LLP
Stemcor Capital Limited
Stenham Advisors Plc
Stephens Europe Limited
Stepstone Group Europe LLP
Sterling Pension Management Limited
Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited
STJ Advisors LLP
Stone Futures Limited
Stonehage Investment Partners LLP
StormHarbour Securities LLP
strand capital limited
Strategic Capital Management UK LLP
Sturgeon Ventures LLP
STX Fixed Income B.V.
Succession Financial Management Limited
Sucden Financial Limited
SunGard Global Execution Services Limited
Superfund Asset Management GmbH
Sustainable Development Capital LLP
SVB Financial Group UK Limited
SVG Advisers Limited
SVS Securities Plc
Swiss Re Capital Markets Limited
Swissquote Europe Ltd
Swordfish Capital Management LLP
T. B. Paterson Associates
T. Rowe Price International Ltd
T.R.S. Independent Financial Advisors
T&M Securities Limited
TA Associates (UK), LLP
Tadawul FX Ltd
Talbot Hughes McKillop LLP
Tassi & Co Ltd_en
Tassi Limited
Tate Consultancy Limited
TCAM Global UK Limited
TD Global Finance
TD Investments Limited
TD Securities Limited
TDAM (Cyprus) Limited
Tee Financial Plc
Teletrade-DJ International Consulting Ltd
Templeton Corporate Finance Limited
Tempo Capital Partners LLP
Terium LLP
TFI Markets Ltd
TFS Derivatives Limited
TFS-ICAP Limited
TFS-ICAP Limited
Thames River Capital LLP
Thames Westminster Investments Limited
The Blackstone Group International Partners
The Cyprus Investment and Securities Corporation Ltd
The ECU Group Plc
The Ethical Investment Co-operative Ltd
The Financial Planning Corporation LLP
The Gaela Partnership Limited
The Investment Coach Ltd
The Kyte Group Limited
The Link Asset and Securities Company Limited
The London Metal Exchange
The On-Line Partnership Limited
The Risk Management Group Limited
The Risk Management Group Ltd
The Seaport Group Europe LLP
The Share Centre Limited
The Share Limited
The St. David's Partnership
The Whitehall Partnership Ltd
Thesis Asset Management Plc
Thinc Group Limited
Think Alternative Advisors LLP
Thornbridge Investment Management LLP
Threadmark LLP
Timberland Invest Limited
Timberland Investment Resources Europe LLP
Tishman Speyer Properties UK Limited
TMS Brokers Europe Limited
TMS Capital Limited
TMS Financial Solution Ltd
Toyota Tsusho Metals Limited
Tokio Marine Asset Management (London) Limited
Towers Perrin Capital Markets Ltd
Towers Watson Limited
Towry Law Financial Services Ltd
TPG Capital LLP
TQ Capital (TQ Capital Partners,TQ CP)
Trad-X (UK) Limited
Tradenext Limited
Tradernet Ltd_en
Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited
Tradestation Europe Ltd
TradeWeb Europe Limited
Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Ltd
Tradition (UK) Limited
Tradition Financial Services Ltd
Tradition London Clearing Limited
Traycer LLP
Trans Europe Financials GmbH
Treasury Management Services International Limited
Tredoux Capital Limited
Trench Capital Partners LLP
Triland metals Ltd
Trinity Group Limited
Trinity Investment Partners Limited
Trinity Street Asset Management LLP
Trogmorton Asset management Ltd
Truestone Asset Management Limited
TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Ltd
TTT Moneycorp Limited
Tullet Prebon (Equities) Limited
Tullet Prebon (Europe) Limited
Tullett Liberty (Equities) Limited
Tullett Liberty (Oil & Energy) Limited
Tullett Liberty (Securities) Limited
Tullett Liberty (Treasury and Derivatives)
Tullett Prebon (Securities) Limited
Turnbull Ker LLP
Turner International Limited
Turquoise Global Holdings Limited
TVT Investment Management Limited
Twentyfour Asset Management LLP
Two Sigma International Limited_en
UBA Capital (Europe) Limited
UBS Alternative and Quantitative
UBS Global Asset management (UK) Ltd
UBS O'Connor Limited
UFS Capital Ltd
Underhill Partners LLP
Unicredit Securities International Ltd
Unifortune Investment Management Limited
United World Capital Ltd
Upside Wealth Management Ltd
URALSIB Securities Limited
Utilyx Risk Management Ltd
Valbury Capital Limited
Valere Capital Partners LLP
Valutrades Limited
Valutrades SY Ltd
Vanguard Asset Management Limited
Vantage FX UK Trading Limited
VAR Capital Limited
Värde Partners Europe Limited
VCP Advisors Limited_en
Vector Commodity Management LLP
Vega Swiss Asset Management UK LLP
VELES International Ltd
Velocity Trade International Limited
Velthuijse & Mulder Vermogensbeheer B.V.
Verdispar Securities AS
Vermilion Capital Partners LLP
VermogensParaplu Beheer B.V.
Vestra Wealth LLP
VFX Financial plc
Vinst Capital Limited
Viognier Capital Management LLP
Virtue Capital Partners Ltd
Vistabrokers CIF Ltd
Voya Investment Management (UK) Limited
Voriana Capital Partners LLP
Votorantim Securities (UK) Limited
VSA Capital Limited
VTB Bank Europe Plc
Wallich & Matthes B. V.
Wallwood Consultants Limited
Warwick Capital Partners LLP
Warwick Financial Solutions Limited
Waterside Independent Financial Advisers Ltd
Watterson Wealth Management Ltd
Wedbush Europe Ltd
Wells Fargo Securities International Limited
Wessex Investment Management Ltd
Westerby Investment Management Limited
Western Asset Management Company Limited
Westhall Partners LLP
Westminster IFA Ltd
Westpac Europe Limited
WG Partners LLP
WGM Services Ltd
Wheatsheaf Investment Management Limited
Whitefoord limited
WhiteGold Fund Management Limited
Whotrades Ltd
Wiener Börse AG (Vienna Stock Exchange)
Wyetree Asset Management Limited
Wijs & van Oostveen BV
Wilfred T. Fry (Personal Financial Planning) Limited
William Blair International Limited
Willis Structured Financial Solutions Limited
Willis Welby LLP
Windsor Brokers Ltd
Wingham Wyatt Financial Services Limited
Winter Financial Services Ltd
Winton Capital Management Limited
Winvestors Financial Advisors GmbH
Witt u Co Wertpapiervermittlungs GmbH
WKH Financial Services Limited
World First Markets Limited
WorldWidemarkets Online Trading Limited
WPSChallenger LLP
WS Financial and Investment Services Ltd.
X Global Markets Ltd
X Open Hub Limited
XFA Global Limited
XHE Capital LLP
Z Investment Partners LLP
Zafferano Capital (UK) Limited
ZAI Corporate Finance Ltd
ZAIS Group (UK) Ltd
ZAISGroup International LLP
ZAN Partners Limited
Zark Capital Ltd
Zemblanco Investments Ltd
Zerich Securities Ltd
Zucker & Co, Investment Advisors Ltd