Bank of Lithuania

The Bank of Lithuania started operating on 2 October 1922; on the same day, the first litas was issued into circulation. To mark the occasion, the Money Museum is preparing a series of virtual lectures presenting the history of the Bank of Lithuania, Lithuanian money and the personalities involved.

The first lecture of the series will be held on 14 April 2022 and will tell the story of when and under what circumstances the Bank of Lithuania was established, how it managed to preserve the stability of the litas and the challenges it faced. You will hear what the first Lithuanian money might have been called, what were the functions of the bank in the interwar period and what famous artists designed the first litas. All this and more in a free virtual lecture on Thursday, 14 April at 17:15.

Link to the upcoming virtual lecture (no prior registration required) is available here. The lecture will be held in Lithuanian.

Last update: 15-04-2022