Bank of Lithuania
  • Ensures protection of employees and valuables as well as their secure transportation
  • Ensures security of classified information
  • Implements ethical standards and anti-corruption measures
  • Cooperates with law enforcement and regulatory authorities on the prevention of money laundering

Aidenas Karpus, Director of the Security Department

Our employees are the first to greet other Bank of Lithuania employees and guests as we establish the procedure for entering the Bank of Lithuania premises and monitor compliance with said procedure. Our Department also sets and monitors compliance with the procedures for allowing vehicles belonging to the Bank of Lithuania and its employees, our guests, collection vehicles of commercial banks, as well as vehicles of other institutions or persons to enter and leave the premises of the Bank of Lithuania. We are also obliged to protect the employees of the Bank of Lithuania, its valuables and other assets, if necessary – safely transport valuables, arrange and protect Bank of Lithuania valuables transported with vehicles that do not belong to our organisation employing police forces.

In its day-to-day activities, the central bank handles information which constitutes the state or professional secret, the secret of the Bank of Lithuania, uses sensitive ESCB/BPM information. Our Department determines the policy on the management of the security of such information and its application at the Bank of Lithuania. We also establish the policy on personal data processing and ensure its implementation. We set ethical standards and ensure their implementation, introduce anti-corruption measures and coordinate their application, monitor compliance with the legitimacy requirements for the duties of the Bank of Lithuania employees, professional ethics, and requirements for balancing private and public interests.

We cooperate with law enforcement and regulatory authorities in supervising financial market participants and applying measures for the prevention of money laundering and/or terrorist financing.

Last update: 18-04-2017