Bank of Lithuania
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About the Bank of Lithuania

The publications provide information on the Bank of Lithuania’s building complexes in Vilnius and Kaunas.


Chronicle of the Bank of Lithuania / 1922–2022

  • Abstract

    The publication chronicles the main events that reflect the history, activities and significance of the central bank of the Republic of Lithuania – the Bank of Lithuania – to the public, covering two periods: from 1922 to 1940, and the development of the current bank since 1 March 1990. These two periods saw vital reforms (the creation of monetary systems, the introduction of the national currency, ensuring the stable functioning of the financial sector) and the establishment of central banking as one of the key areas of the State’s activities, inseparable from its very existence.


Art collection of the Bank of Lithuania

  • Abstract

    The art collection of the Bank of Lithuania came into being with the construction of the Kaunas facility in 1928. A small assembly of paintings and sculptures by Lithuanian classical artists that was collected in the interwar period can today be called a golden fund, supplemented also by examples of contemporary Lithuanian art during the years of Lithuania’s restored Independence. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Bank of Lithuania, we can be proud that the collection already contains more than 200 works. These include paintings, sculptures, stained glass, prints, textiles, ceramics, wall paintings and assemblages. They not only decorate the Bank’s interior and enrich the working environment, but also enhance the Bank’s image as a strong and reliable institution, and at the same time they set a good example for other public institutions.


Buildings of the Bank of Lithuania in Kaunas

  • Abstract

    The publication presents the history of the Bank of Lithuania’s buildings in Kaunas.
    Compiled by Vidmantas Laurinavičius.

    ISBN 978-609-8204-28-5 (print)
    ISBN 978-609-8204-36-0 (online)


Buildings of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius

  • Abstract

    The publication presents the history of the Bank of Lithuania’s buildings in Vilnius.
    Written by Morta Baužienė.

    ISBN 978-9986-651-52-9 (print)
    ISBN 978-609-8204-26-1 (online)