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Working papers disseminate economic research relevant not only to the tasks and functions of the Bank of Lithuania and of the European System of Central Banks but also appealing more broadly to the academic community in economics and finance. They present, discuss and analyse the results of original and academically rigorous theoretical and/or empirical research. Working papers constitute the basis for publications in leading academic journals, making contributions to the existing literature in the fields of economics and finance. They encourage collaboration between the researchers of the Bank of Lithuania and other central banks, Lithuanian and foreign universities and research institutes.

Papers are only available in English.

No 75

Shock dependence of exchange rate pass-through: a comparative analysis of BVARs and DSGEs

No 74

Assessing credit gaps in CESEE based on levels justified by fundamentals – a comparison across different estimation approaches

No 73

Banking regulation and collateral screening in a model of information asymmetry

No 72

Statutory, effective and optimal net tax schedules in Lithuania

No 71

Changes in income inequality in Lithuania: the role of policy, labour market structure, returns and demographics