Bank of Lithuania
  • Prepares the annual plan of public procurements of the Bank of Lithuania
  • Carries out public procurement procedures
  • Prepares draft internal legal acts regulating public procurements
  • Consults the Bank of Lithuania staff on issues related to public procurement

Giedrius Ruseckas, Head of the Public Procurement Division

The mission of the Public Procurement Division is to organise and implement public procurements at the Bank of Lithuania in such a way that would ensure transparent and timely purchase of quality goods, services and works as well as rational use of funds allocated for such purposes.

We track the changes of provisions of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Public Procurement, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Public Procurement in the Fields of Defence and Security, and other legal acts regulating the process of public procurement as well as analyse the requirements of these legal acts and initiate the required amendments to internal legal acts.

We strive to perform our activities in an effective and transparent manner, therefore, we analyse the results of procurements already carried out and search for ways to improve both the organisation of the public procurement process and performance of specific procurements.

Our team of experts has gained experience through carrying out different types of procurements and is ready to purchase quality goods, services or works in a transparent manner and consult colleagues from other units initiating procurements.

The Public Procurement Division represents the Bank of Lithuania in the Eurosystem Procurement Coordination Office and conducts certain procurements in cooperation with other Eurosystem central banks.

Last update: 18-05-2021