Bank of Lithuania

The Prudential Supervision Department is part of the Supervision Service. It issues authorisations and licences to financial market participants, organises exams for financial brokers and insurance brokers, seeking to ensure that only transparent, financially viable and qualified market participants enter the market. Taking into consideration their risk profile, the department provides proposals on the setting of capital adequacy, risk management and other requirements, the purpose of which is to ensure sound and smooth activities as well as discharge of liabilities to customers. The department regularly monitors the activities of banks, insurance undertakings, credit unions, payments and other financial market participants subject to its supervision, and devotes great attention to the field of money laundering and terrorist financing prevention. In pursuit of efficient supervision, the department follows the cooperation principle, maintaining a permanent dialogue with financial market participants, based on professionalism, openness, and respect.

Director – Renata Bagdonienė

Last update: 16-01-2020