Bank of Lithuania
  • Sources and selects staff at the Bank of Lithuania
  • Administrates the work schedule and supervises its management
  • Plans and manages payroll, benefits and other compensations
  • Organises employee training in Lithuania and abroad

Lina Jurjonė, Head of the Human Capital Division

We aim to ensure that our organisation recruits highly-qualified, -competent and -motivated specialists, able to take informed decisions and efficiently achieve objectives in a constantly changing environment. To reach our goals, we introduce and develop systems for personnel selection, training and development, payroll and motivation, career and talent management, etc.

Our major functions include sourcing and selection of staff, employee transfers and dismissals. Under an agreement between the employer and the labour council, we firstly take up internal recruitment procedures, sourcing employees within the organisation. It is often a direct way of moving up the internal career ladder. We usually resort to external recruitment strategies when internal ones are unsuccessful.

Payroll is an important issue among employees. Our division analyses market developments in salaries and submits proposals to the Board of the Bank of Lithuania concerning changes in the payroll policy. We are authorised to study wage disparities in different units and among different or equal positions; having analysed them, we propose to the bank management measures that could ensure internal equity. Our competence also extends over proposals for motivational tools.

We organise and coordinate annual employee performance assessments, analyse their results, spot top employees and bring forward proposals to their superiors for further motivation and career management. Assessment results are key in determining talent and management alternate groups.

Much attention at our organisation is devoted to employee training so that they could constantly broaden their professional knowledge, easily uptake innovation, and adopt good practices from the market and other central banks. Together with other units, we organise employee trainings in both Lithuania and abroad.

Members of the Bank of Lithuania staff are people with unique competences. As lecturers in higher education schools, they share their knowledge with students and interns who are always welcome at our bank.

Last update: 12-08-2021